Thursday, August 28, 2008

** How far you give importance to Body Building?

"Body Building is important for National Building"

How many of you go with this quote? How much importance you people are giving to your health apart from taking regular food and taking regular rest, the answer is "less". Am I right?

The above two things itself are not enough to keep our body fit and trim, doing regular exercise is far important compared to other things. But in reality no one I showing interest towards this. By spending one hour daily just for doing the body exercises, will keep other things out from us. If you feel lazy to spend one hour per day means, then no use of worrying about the health in future.

The moral of the quote is we can do our daily works successfully, only if we keep ourselves healthy. Otherwise no chance, you know as Arnold says in his book "No pain, No gain".

I hope that after reading this post all of you will show some interest towards Gym workouts. Am I right? I am not telling this advice just as an fellow blogger or friend. Me too doing the Gym workouts on daily basis, so take this thing into your mind, do daily workouts and keep your body fit and trim. Men or Women doesn't matter, there is no exceptional cases for this. So let us start doing, rather than speaking.

** Note : Here I am not encouraging any one to use steroids or any kind of things to build up the body at any cost. So build your body using natural stuffs.


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

** Thanks for the Award my Friend

Brilliant Weblog Award

Brilliant Weblog Award was given to me by the fellow blogger Lawstude. Through this post I wanna thank him a lot for giving this award to Selerines World. Like Lawstude me too don't know whether I should deserve this award or not. Any way thanks for appreciating my work Lawstude, I assure you all that Selerines World will remain with the same quality.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

** Grand Closing Ceremony

Olympics 2008

Finally the Olympics 2008 has come to an end with a grand closing ceremony. Here i will put some pictures of it, just check it out.....

Many good things as well as bad things happened during this Olympics, but finally it comes to an end successfully. I hope that you all enjoyed the Olympics.

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. China
51 21 28 100
2. United States
36 38 36 110
3. Russian Fed
23 21 28 72

There are many compliants coming through some sources that China is involved into some irrelevant things in order to get more medals. I don't know how far it is true. Michael Phelps is my favorite who rocked the entire Olympics by winning 8 gold medals in Swimming. So many world records have been set and so many got broken.

How many of you got satisfied with your country's performance?
Did they satisfied you all?

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

** Those Sweet Soaps…

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why some of the vices we stand on the roof tops to discourage are the very ones we contentedly sit down to watch on TV (to our detriment, no doubt)?

We grin, laugh, smile and purse our lips when we watch steamy love scenes and passionate kissing courtesy of the manifold soap operas that grace our sets. {Just try to picture your favourite Bollywood movie. It fits this bill, doesn’t it? }

During the day we rebuke immorality, promiscuity and other such ‘vices’; In the evening it is served hot (on TV) for us to savour and join in the fray.

The soaps ‘teach’ us that having multiple sexual partners is alright as long as you have the money to keep the ‘relationship’ going. They also aim at making us believe that divorce is the sure-fire way of dealing with issues in marriage. Patience and perseverance in marriage are no-go zones according to these programmes. But what do we do about the whole thing? We open our arms to welcome their insidious notions and ideals. We try as much as we can not to miss an episode.

I know of a certain woman who sulks the whole evening if she is ‘disturbed’ as she watches her favourite soap. When her husband wants to talk to her or asks her for food or bath water she gives a thousand and one excuses just to make sure that she watches the soap without missing any action. Talk of disrespect and disregard!

Where are we headed if this is the state of affairs? I dare say, homes are crumbling and disintegrating thanks to these gripping programmes. Though their story lines are very interesting and spellbinding, I tend to think there is a dark abyss under their seemingly harmless façade. What do you think?

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** Is USA ruling this World?

My title is Is USA ruling this World?, a bit controversial topic right. The incidents that are happening here in this world are just making us to feel bad about America. I am not telling that USA is ruling the entire world, but i think it's trying to do that. I think most of the bloggers will agree with my point. USA always trying to make others as Slaves for them. They are having all the powers to change political system any where in this world and trying to bring all the countries under their control. USA is always trying to involve in other countries internal matters and their controversial things, just like India-Pakistan matter, Palestinian problem and so on. For this the best example is India, through the Nuclear deal they raised one problem in India and made a major change in the Indian politics. Many countries are obeying the words of USA, what may be the reason for this? Do you people have any idea? I am really not having any idea why many of the countries are working as slaves for USA, Time only knows!!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

** Do you like India?

In India I saw many foreigners who used to visit India frequently. I know that India is really having so many cool places to visit and to spend some time nice for our vacation. I don't know the exact reason why many foreigners like India a lot. Here i will list out some options from this you people just choose the reason why you like India a lot.

1. Culture,
2. Tradition,
3. Music,
4. Ancient Places,
5. Atmosphere,
6. People and
7. Others (While commenting tell the reason).

In spite of many wrong things that are going in India like foreigners rapes, robberies, polluted atmosphere and so on, many people like this country a lot because of some reason. I want to know that through this post.

Do you like India?

Why you like it a lot?


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** What's your suggestion?

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Just put your suggestion here, what you feel about Selerines World.

Note : Anonymous comments not allowed.

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** The Great Khali

He is the man "The Great Khali" from India, who is rocking the whole world through his amazing performance in WWE. Many international WWE giants are feeling the heat while fighting with Khali. He is that much tough to get on. As a Indian I am really proud of him and also trying to build my body through the influence that I got from Khali. In India many people like him and in the international wise too. I don't have idea about my fellow bloggers. Here i want my fellow bloggers to share some thing about this great man.

"The Great Khali"

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** Fastest man in the world

Olympis fear is rocking every where, each and every sports are reaching the final stages.. Usain Bolt of Jamaica has smashed the world record in the 200 metres final on Wednesday, to take the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics.

Bolt, who is about to turn 22, left his competitors in his wake as he blitzed the field to finish in just 19.30 seconds.

Bolt has now won the coveted 100 metres and 200 metres gold medals at the Olympic Games, as well as holding the title of fastest man in the world.

'It is a dream that comes true,' Bolt said after the race. 'I have been aspiring for the world record for so long.'
Many Jamaicans in the crowd burst into tears as news came that the world record had been broken.

Churandy Martina of Netherlands Antilles won the silver, and Wallace Spearmon of the United States the bronze.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

** Michael Phelps - The Man of Gold

Micheal Phelps rocked the whole sporting world, by winning eight Gold medals at Beijing Olympics 2008 in Swimming. Just made history today in the Water Cube at the Beijing Olympics! The 23-year-old swimming champion is the only person ever to win eight gold medals at a single Olympics (surpassing Mark Spitz).

Moments ago, with the help of his team mates in the 4×100 meter medley relay, Phelps secured his eighth medal. He has now also won 14 Gold Medals in the Olympics, the most by any athlete in the history of the games. He has won a total of 16 medals overall in two Olympics which is the second most all-time behind Larissa Latyina, who has won 18 medals in gymnastics, including 9 Gold Medals.Team USA won in a world record time of 3 minutes 29.34 seconds. Australia finished in 3:30.04 and Japan took bronze in 3:31.18.

Congratulations to Phelps and the United States men’s swim team!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

** How far blogging helps you?

Here I am going to share my blogging experiences with you all. There are so many plus and minus in blogging. But compared to plus, minus is less. Ya for me so many plus things are there through blogging. I am some what improved my English this is the very first point I should say here, second important point is earning money from blogging. Ya to say the truth blogging really helped me a lot to earn money and in turn it entirely changed my lifestyle now. Earning money is not only my aim, because even though i am earning money from blogs, at the same time i am really trying my best to put some useful and interesting posts in my blog. I hope that this post will help other bloggers a lot to know about earning money from blogs.

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** Women - Is it possible to live independently in this world?


In this modernized world every thing has been changed, mainly the life style. At the same time here no one worrying about the past things and just living their life as per their desire, it is correct only nothing wrong in that. Each and every one is having full rights to live the life as per their interests and so on. But the thing is how far this society allows them to live like that. The answer is No. Leave about the men, let us discuss about Women. Is it possible for a women to live independently in this world, without the support of others? Even though if she tries to live, my question is will this society allow her to live peacefully. Here too the answer is No.


Last week only I watched this movie. Here I am going to relate this movie to this post. In this movie they showed the kind of problems that a women will face if she lives independently in this world. This movie really attracted me a lot, especially the screen play. I felt like 12 years old boy while i watched this movie. If you people get free time try to watch this movie and then comment in this post.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

** F.R.I.E.N.D.S


This is the best one that i have ever seen so far. It is the only entertainment for me in addition with blogging. No words to express our enjoyment that we had while watching the series. I think many of you know about this famous series, so there no any need to explain much about this, right? I am recommending this series to all the bloggers. Just watch it and have fun. All the seasons are really nice. It just shows the friendship circle with lots of comedy, gossips and every thing. This is the must one to watch for all of us. It really helps me a lot to spend my free time in a joyful way. So you people also watch it and have fun filled life.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

** “Love”…with an Eye on the Prize!

I don’t refute the claim that there is true love (and I know many people who are beneficiaries of this bug). But I know there are people who take advantage of people’s feelings in the pretext of “loving” them.

There are some women (and men) who would give their eye teeth to get hooked to a rich white man or woman with a long-term aim of settling abroad.

The allure of the West has turned into an anthem to every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to bid farewell to penury and (beggary). Many young people have the notion that if they go to the UK or the USA, their lives will change drastically (for the better!)

Most of them have found out that there is no easy way of hastening their steps to the $ and the £, than waltzing their way into the lives of male and female (white) tourists in the hope that they will eventually be whisked to the lands that they have always desired to travel to (and hopefully settle in).

Getting a Visa to countries such as the UK and the USA can prove hard because of the exhaustive (and equally exhausting!) procedures that are involved. But this is no hurdle to these gold digging young men who could traverse the most expansive ocean to get to the lands (and the money & opportunities) they aspire.

They tend to believe that falling in love with their white friends and getting married to them is a sure fire way of circumventing this obstacle. {But is it a solution, really?}

You’d care to see what some of the young men get married to: some very old, (moneyed, yes!), scrawny hags that would pass for anyone’s grandmother or better still, great grandmother!

I call such kind of love: “Love… with an Eye on the Prize!”

Friday, August 15, 2008

Compare Car Hire In Seconds

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** Proud to be an Indian


Now India is celebrating it's Independence Day. Here i will post some cool pictures of the celebration. I hope that you all will enjoy this a lot, irrespective of country, race, religion or any thing.


Note : This post is dedicated especially to the Indians who are living in foreign countries.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

** Blogging : Is it the right place to express our thoughts openly?

Now a days blogging is becoming very popular and mostly many people have started blogging today. But the main problem is how far this blogging world is giving freedom to write and to express our thoughts to this outside world. I don't know about other countries, but I am ready to talk about India. Here in India the freedom to write and the freedom to speak is really less. If we start to write any thing bad about politicians or some other thing means, then by the next second itself police will come and catch us regardless of not knowing any thing. This is the reason why many people are not interested to talk about the national issues here in India. Even though if we talk there is no use, that is secondary case. My point is if there is no freedom to do the thing whatever we like means, then what's the use of living in a country. So from this the politicians are concluding that "We will do whatever we like and we don't want any one to criticize us".

Recent issue : In India one boy wrote in his blog that "I hate these so and so poli***ns". Then using the IP address the police tracked him and he is arrested.

This is the reason i put this post here. You people just tell whether blogging is it really the right media to express our thoughts openly to this outside world.

UK Holidays on the Isle of Wight

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** Are we running out of resources?

Because of our modernized society, increase in population, natural disasters, increase in more needs etc,. has changed ever thing in this planet. Many countries are running out of resources such as Electricity, Water, Food etc,. Due to these things our future is questionable now. And still we don't have any idea what we are going to do for our future. The answer is "No". We all should join our hands to make some arrangements for this and to bring our planet out from all the demands. That is our first duty now. But how many are willing to join their hands now? It's for sure that we all will live comfortably for next 10 or 15 years after that, no one knows what will happen?

What's the solution for this?

Digital Scales

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Monday, August 11, 2008

** Bye Bye Rachel!!!

This post is dedicated to Rachel. She is our class mate. Some of my college friends came to my home and spent a nice time with my family. It's really an unforgettable day for us. I must be thankful to each and every one. We enjoyed each and every second today (13/08/2008). I hope that a day like this will come again in our lifetime. Rachel is leaving to Canada, so this is just a Farewell to her. I pray to God that every thing will become fine for her. This post is purely dedicated to her. We really had a nice lunch today, in which the Bill came around 1200/=. Rachel itself ate for around 500!!!!!!!! Any way Canada be alert, there may be a chance for food deficiency after her arrival.

All the Best My Sweet!!!!!!

About Diet Pills

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

** Thank GOD

Many of you are aware of the thing that one of my friend is admitted in hospital few days back and she was in the critical condition too. But now she crossed all the hardest paths and started a new life with us. Here I would like to thank all of my fellow bloggers, friends and every one who just prayed for the life of her. Through God's grace she got cured and now she is normal. Now I am really happy to share this thing with all of you. No words to express it. We got her back and again we started to enjoy our life with each other without any worries and problems. I hope that this joy will remain forever. Now we are planned to go out with her some where, to change her mindset and every thing is going fine now. Our next plan is to watch the entire F.R.I.E.N.D.S series, so wait for my next post. It's time to enjoy now!!!!!

....:::: Thank GOD ::::....

:::: Thank you my Dear F.R.I.E.N.D.S ::::

Designer taps

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** Doping Mania 2008 Kicked Off in China!!!

As we all expected Olympics 2008 kicked off in China. Many expectations are going on in many minds, regardless of whether it is possible or not, i mean people of respective countries. With a grand opening ceremony the games are started now, i am happy that atleast our Indian Govt. channel is telecasting the games, so nice time pass for me with blogging too. If India wins atleast one Gold then it's enough for me, not only for me for all the Indians. Am i right? Ok let us come to our main discussion. I think many of you got confused by seeing the title na. Ok listen see even though the games were started, in mean while another thing is going to win many Gold medals. Ya you people are absolutely right Doping is the thing that i am discussing about. It is definitely going to play a major role during this Olympics. It's just like Doping for Sure. You people just tell,



What you think about Doping?

Is it spoiling the sports?

"Even though many good things are there to enjoy, but just one small bad thing is enough to spoil every thing". Am i right???

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holidays in Pembrokeshire

There are so many places in this world to go and spend some nice time. But here I am going to share my experiences about a wonderful place that I have visited some time before. The place that I am talking about is Pembrokeshire, UK. Many cool places are there in Pembrokeshire to spend a nice time, if we go for a vacation there. I really enjoyed a nice time when I visited it during my last vacation. One of the coolest place to hang out is Short Break Wales, it is an heaven like region in this world. In addition to this information, I wanna tell some thing about the site, which provides us the services like Reserving resorts to stay, Travelling concerns etc., so it will be very easy for us to spend our vacation there without any worries about any thing. From this site we can get all the required information like about Golf Clubs, Entertaining places, Resorts, Restaurants, Bar, Shopping places etc,. I recommend this site to all of you, you all just try to make use of this site in a better way and spend a nice time there at Pembrokeshire with your family and friends without any worry. I hope that this post will help you all a lot to make your vacation an unforgettable one.

** PC Hell: When the Internet Saved me in the Nick of Time

A friend of mine (Ritch, from Kenya) sent in this article and asked me whether I could publish it here so that it can also help someone who is going through what he went through some weeks ago.

There is nothing as disconcerting (and frightening!) as having to face the prospect of losing all the data you have on your PC due to a computer crash or some other such thing.

Imagine you have worked so hard to put together some information and when you need it “badly” you cannot access it because there is a problem with your computer.

It may be some sort of virus that ventured into your system (because you were careless enough not to use an anti-virus) and it “chewed” your priceless files. Or it may be some other more sinister PC problems.

Three weeks ago I experienced something of the sort that made wish the ground would just open and swallow me alive (of course not literally!).

A lady friend of mine lent me the laptop of her daughter to use and return when her daughter came home for the holidays. Her daughter was away in a boarding school. [Mind you, her daughter’s files were in the hard drive (an 80GB HDD)]

I was very grateful to her and I knew the laptop would make my writing job easier as I could carry it around wherever I went. I was very careful with it and did not dare use a flash or a “suspicious” CD on it.

To download my pieces from the laptop, I would go to an internet café and upload the files to the internet. I would use a flash to carry the pieces from the net to my desktop computer at home. I did not want to take chances with the laptop. You might call me naïve. But then, you would want someone you’ve lent something to be careful with it, wouldn’t you?

Disaster struck, anyway, despite the “elaborate” precaution I had taken.

One day, I was at home writing some of my pieces when out of the blues the screen turned blue. I was jolted. My face flushed and I felt the blood drain from my hands! I had never seen anything like it before.

The screen read, in part: Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. Unmountable Boot Volume …”

I tried to recall what I had done wrong but found nothing in my memory accusing me of any “wrong doing”. I called a friend of mine who is a computer technician and explained to him the symptoms (i.e. the screen error message). He whistled under his breath and said that he was on his way to my place.

On arrival, he listened to the whirring of the hard drive and said it was abnormal. He asked to go with the laptop to his office to check it more closely. I readily agreed.

The following day he called and asked me to go over to his office. I literally scurried to his office. One look at his face told me that all was not well.

He told me that the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) was “fried” and I would have to replace it. Oh my!

“The hard drive is gone, my friend,” he said apologetically. I couldn’t believe my ears.

I just did not have the slightest clue how I would break the bad news to my lady friend. I shuddered at the thought of ever dropping the bombshell on her laps.

Dejectedly and overly worried, I took the laptop and headed home promising my computer friend to get back to him the minute I had come to a decision.

At home, I decided to find out what “Unmountable Boot Volume” means. So I “typed” those words into Google on my internet enabled handset.

The second item in the search results read: “Troubleshooting the Unmountable Boot Volume Error Message in Windows XP.” I quickly clicked on it. What I read put a smile on my lips. It said that the problem could be solved with a few simple steps. [This error message means that Windows XP is having trouble booting from Drive C].

I copied the steps on a piece of paper. The next instant I was heading to the nearby internet café. I needed to start the computer with a Windows XP CD-ROM. The remedy consisted in repairing the installation and checking [using the command chkdsk/r] to repair the hard drive.

I got the CD-ROM, sat in a corner of the room and started following the instructions. And you know what, the remedy worked. I restarted the laptop and it was back to normal again.

I felt like hugging everyone in the room. The results were too good to be believed.

That incident taught me that there is a lot of information around us that can be used to our own advantage but we continue suffering because of lack of knowledge.

If only we knew how to harness all the information at our disposal!

Acne products

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** Rewind

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Friday, August 8, 2008

** Pray for her

Please listen to this carefully. Here i am requesting all of my friends, fellow bloggers and every one to pray for my friend. She is admitted in hospital and she is too serious. She is currently now in ICU ward and her condition is too critical. I want each and every one of you to pray for her. We want her back desperately and need her badly. This is my kind request, please pray for her to God. I need your prayers for sake of our life. If any thing happens to her, then nothing is there for us. I hope that she will become normal very soon. Kindly accept my request and pray for her. Here i am not trying to advertise my feelings or any thing, it's just sharing of things. In our life every thing changed within a second. Thank you to all of you....

Note : She is admitted in hospital due to some internal health problems, which i can't reveal it here openly.

Pray for her

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Acne treatment

In this post we are going to see about acne treatment products and their uses. The site that we are going to see here is from which we can get to know so many acne products about every thing and their uses. In this site they are discussing about all the products and categorizing them based on some criteria such as Safety, Efficency, Value, Quality, Company, Customer Feedback etc,. Through this site it is very easy for us to get to know abut many products and their values and so on. We can get products for acne treatments such as Acnexus, Bruunhause, Lipovox, Juliet's Organic, Biodermazen etc,. Based on their valuation of products this will really help us to buy the products of our own desire. They are explaining each and every products based on their effects also. So this will really help us so much in future. I recommend this site to every one, just try this out and make use of it in a better way. Choose the products based on their valuation and select the products of your desire.

** The Notebook 2004

Many people got really bored by reading so many topics that are always based on international politics, problems etc,. So for a change here i am going to share my thoughts about this beautiful movie. This is undoubtedly the best love story I have ever seen. It is a masterpiece. Last week only i watched this movie it's really a superb one. No words to explain my joyness. The acting of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is awesome. Actually my friends group consists of 8 people, we watched this movie in one of my friends home. After the last scene all of my friends some what cried, especially the girls (Are they too sensitive?). But luckily this movie not brushed up any f****g things of my past. Now i am searching for the Novel. Ok let us come to our point, then i tried to gather some information about the film. Here some points about it,

"The Notebook is a 1996 American romantic novel by Nicholas Sparks that was later adapted into a popular romance film by the same name in 2004".

Click here to get .torrent file.

Here i wanna thank my friend Anusri for recommending this film to us.

Have a nice time, enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 now has shoes!

Hi friends... In this post we will see about a site which provides us cool tops, bottoms and footwear with exact matching. is the site that i am talking about. From this site we can choose many kinds of dresses, which suits our taste well. In each and every page of this site we can see a MIX tab, after clicking it we will get a window in which we can give the inputs of tops, bottoms and footwear of our desire. It is very easy to find the exact matching of clothes through this MIX tab. Now i am very eagerly waiting to get a nice matching of clothes from this site. They are really bringing us to the next level of shopping. After choosing the clothes of our own desire, we can easily get it through online booking and shipping. It is very safe and secure as compared to other sites. This site provides us with more than 750,000 possibilities of matches from which we can easily choose our desired one. The way of selecting our clothes has totally changed the way of choosing our desired ones and changed our world of shopping for dresses. So i recommend this site to all of you, Try it out - mix shoes and clothes together on and choose your match, then get on with it. This site is really awesome and contains so many cool stuffs. So try this out and have fun.....

** Ladies and their Woes

There are some men who promise marriage to women, but all the while what they want is…You bet I know what I am talking about here. I am miffed by the way some men treat ladies. You may throw all Beijing 'blue blistering barnacles' (remember Captain H*** in theTintin comic!) my way but I'll still hold my ground, look you in the face and tell you what I don't like!

Some men take advantage of the 'men-are-as-old-as-they-think; women-are-as-old-as-they-look' saying. They 'know' that looks to women are like shells to snails – they will go to great lengths to preserve their youth (at least for their 'prince charming'!).

You still don't get the drift of this piece. Let me explain.I know of some men who have courted young, beautiful women. But after about two or so years they broke up with them for reasons best known to them. The while the courtship lasted, the ladies built so much hope in being married by the men that shared their lives.The sad thing here is that the men were all the while not serious with 'their' ladies. They just lied through their teeth that the relationship would end up in walking down the aisle to consummate their 'fiery' love. But the converse of that was true all the while.

Put yourself in these ladies' shoes. Having put all their years and energies into the one thing that they thought would work, they are totally broken when the bombshell is exploded on their laps: "It's over between us; It just couldn't work; You were not the one for me; I made a wrong turn in the road of life; I think I now know where I am headed and you just don't fit in the bigger picture."This is very 'brutal', to say the least.

Why couldn't you just tell the truth as it were before the bud blossomed into a flower. Yes, you knew it all along that all you wanted were the stolen moments with the lass. You should have painted this aim in black and white before things became 'major' between you.It would go something like this:
Man:I don't foresee us walking down the aisle. I just want you by my side to satiate my ego and sexual desires. What do you think?

Woman: Thank you for being upfront with me. Most men wouldn't do half as much. But no, I don't wish to be party to your whims.
Talk of being true and never coming to rue!Men, if you don't wish to marry a lady with whom you have entered into courtship, then let the lady know. (Eight out of ten women who are in courtship today expect to tie the nuptial cord with their mates someday in the future). It is painful for the ladies when you take them for a ride, waste their years and dump them at the junction of desperation. If no one has ever told you, then let me tell you: Time, to women, when viewed against the backdrop of marriage, is of utmost importance. Don't waste their time. Be straight with them and save them the searing pain!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Zenni Optical was on FOX news provides us with so many colorful frames at low cost. One interesting news for all of you is that Zenni on Fox news. From the news we can get more information about Zenni optical and their services. One main notable thing from Zenni is, we can get optical starting from $8 with good quality. We will find huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic)lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. Products will be sold to us directly without any intervention of third parties, so it will be very useful for us.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

** Can you be Trusted?

Sit in the privacy of your bedroom, look into a mirror and ask yourself, “Can I be trusted?” If you are honest with yourself, you’ll be surprised at the answers you churn.

Trust, just like many other important virtues (such as faithfulness and honesty), is becoming hard to come by today. People of integrity (literally filled to the brim with ‘trustworthiness’) are few and far between in our present world.

Our homes and workplaces are full of such people: People who don’t give two hoots about keeping their part of the bargain.

But trust is a two-way traffic. For you to be trusted you have to trust first. There is nothing for nothing. You have to invest something for you to be able to withdraw.

At the workplace, trust your colleagues enough for them to trust you in return. It is as simple as that.

Wait. Not as simple as that!

For trust to blossom and produce fruit, there is some intense work that goes into the works. You have to change some of your prejudices and stereotypes (and, if need be, discard them).

For instance, it is almost impossible for people to trust you with their money, if you cannot trust them with yours. The mathematics just adds up in people’s heads and they decide whom to trust and whom to deny trust.

So, if you find that people find it hard to trust you, my remedy is simple: Try to see how much you trust others. You may be surprised that what you have all along been expecting from people is something you have not tried to invest in them.

Try trusting some people today and you’ll be doing yourself a service. More people will trust you.

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Zenni Optical Glasses

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** Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day to all of my fellow bloggers

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Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni Optical

Opticals are the main assets for our eyes, but if they look out of fashion means then it won't be nice. Here i am going to suggest one frame provider to all of you, which provides frames of different varieties and colors. The provides the people with many kinds of frames from $8. Some notable things from Zenni optical is they sell products of very low price directly to the customers without any intervention of third parties and the products are also of good quality. So if i want to get a frame for me, then surely Zenni opticals is my first choice.

Friday, August 1, 2008

** One World One Dream

Still one more week to go for Olympics 2008 to kick start. All preparations are ready and all sports persons are well prepared to face the challenges. Many countries are expecting this event a lot amidst of Terrorist attacks, Natural disasters and so on. Each and every citizen of the respective countries are expecting their country to win more medals in this competition. I think many of us are well known about the Olympic morale.

...::::: Participation is important, wining is not important ::::....

I want my fellow bloggers who are from various countries to share their thoughts about this event. And also share that how many medals you are expecting from your country. We will see that whether it's coming true or not.

Good Luck to every one

My expectation, India will get Gold : 2, Silver : 1, Bronze : 2

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Music performers

We all like Country Music very much. This site provides us with a lot of stuffs like music, reviews about new albums, music releases, gossips and so on. It also contains Country Music Lyrics for us to enjoy the music even more. For all the music lovers this site will be a very useful one especially to the country music lovers. It also contains the downloads of videos, songs, scheduled of shows etc,. We will get easily connected into them through online form registration. It is really a interesting one fro all of the music lovers. I recommend this site to all who loves music very much.

** Corruption corruption corruption corruption....... It goes on!!!!

Many Indians are familiar with the incident which is shown in the above photo. Even the foreign people can easily identify the thing what was that, if they carefully watched the news last week about the Indian politics. Ministers showing the money which is given as bribe to vote for the ruling Govt. This is what those respected :p ministers told in the parliament. I am not sure about this news, it's all upto the Indian media. This example itself is enough to show to this world that How much corruption is going on here in everything???? Not easy to list out. Corruption is everywhere and in everything, there is no exceptional cases especially for this thing.

What you feel about this, is your country is an corrupted one?

Note 1 :
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Note 2 :

Spreading false propaganda across the world is not the aim of Selerines World. This is what the news i heard from the media. So Selerines World is not responsible for any thing.

Java Script Tutorials

For those ones who need Javascript tutorials and materials can easily refer this site for all verifications and to clear all doubts about the subject. This site contains all materials like guides, resources, materials, tutorials etc,. This site is very helpful for every one to clear any thing. The materials are also very clear and easy to understand.

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