Thursday, May 29, 2008

World : What's the Solution for Terrorism?

Our world is now facing so many problems because of so many things. But the main threat to our world is "Terrorism". Each and every part of our world is affected by terrorism. Because of the crisis between the countries, many innocent people are getting affected by this. From a new born baby to a old man are affected by terrorism. There is no exceptions for this. Many people have lost their lives and every thing.

Why it's happening like this?

What they are going to achieve through this?

Why the innocent people should get affected?

Each and every country and every one in this world should join their hands together to save our world from terrorism. But the sad thing is even some countries are supporting the terrorists to gain some thing through that.

I want you people to share your views about the terrorism from your point of view and the things that you have experienced in your country because of terrorism.

What's the solution for Terrorism?.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Are Indian Students safe?

In the previous post we discussed about the safety of foreigners in India. Now in this post we will discuss about the topic How far the Indian students are safe in abroad?.

Recently so many similar incidents are happening in foreign countries against the Indian students, especially in America. The incident that i am talking here is "Killing of Indian students in Foreign countries". Now a days it become too worse. Here from India so many students are going to abroad countries in order to acquire so much knowledge, with lots and lots of dreams. But these type of incidents are just destroyed and keep on destroying those dreams. Do you people know how many students have lost their lives through these type of incidents??? It's countless...... Here i will list out some incidents. Please check it out,
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

I don't know when we will get the solution for this. The Governing bodies of other respective countries should take some steps to get rid of these things in future.

Let's hope for the best and pray for them.

Monday, May 19, 2008

India : Are foreigners safe??????

Now days, molestation activities against the foreign people are increasing day by day in India. For ex. Goa murder case. So many foreigners are visiting our country each and every year to see many interesting places and cool spots in our country. But because of some people, they get molested and suffering a lot in India. I don’t know how much security level is given to these people in our country. If these activities continued in our country then it will surely affect our country name through worldwide and in turn it will affect the Indian tourism. So Indian govt. should try to get a solution for this major problem as soon as possible. At the same time foreigners should be aware of these kinds of things in India before reaching here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love : Is it wrong???? Ohhh my God!!!!!

Hi friends... Here one sad topic that am going to discuss... I will tell it in a short way.. I don't know on what basis many people are standing against Love???

Is it wrong?

Is it sin?

Is it crime?

Hmmmmm...... God only knows!!!!!!!!!
I would like to bring one incident in front of you people... You people just see it and comment your views here.

I don't know whether these type of incidents are happening only in our country or world wide.....

Ok friends... You people pen down your views here and share it with my new abroad blogspot friends.

Love : Is it wrong?????

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

India : Is sex education must???????

In our country, as usual our great p******s have started a new controversy.

Is sex education must in schools?.
Is it spoiling our culture?.

I don't know on what basis these people are giving a new definition for our culture and relating this matter with our culture. According to me, Sex education is must and much needed for the students. It will help them to clear out the bad thinkings about sex. This society should do some thing better than this to bring them out of this bad mentality. It should make the students to think in a way that "Sex is a part of Life".

But the main thing is students should try to utilize it in correct way. And at the same time our p*****s should not spoil the good things like this. They should change their mentality first.

Is sex education must?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mumbai : 7th place among all the cities??????

"Mumbai, the Manchester of India" secured the seventh place among the dirtiest places in our world. One of our politician is fighting for the
problem. But why he is not trying to do any thing for these type of problems.

Are we mad to see these things in our country?????

First place goes to Dhaka

Thursday, May 8, 2008

India : Untouchability is a Sin, Crime!!!!!

Hi guys and gals........ Here am going to discuss one important topic. I want you people to share your views and discuss it in a serious manner.

In India, so many things are happening which are good as well as bad. But the main and sad thing is "Untouchability". Even though our country is a developing one, even though it is standing upfront in the software field and so on... These type of stupid things are not getting rid of our country. For this the main reason is "Illeteracy".

I want you people to share your answers here, to get rid of these stupid things in future...

What will be the correct solution for this?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

L & T Medical Test successfully completed!!!!!

Hi friends..... I am very happy to inform you all that "I successfully completed my L&T Infotech Pre-Employment medical test" today(07/05/2008). Yesterday(06/05/2008) i got the medical form from the company. Today i went to "Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Nandanam" which is near to my home by 7:30 A.M. I filled up one form and got the Apollo ID card from the reception. Then i completed my lab tests, X-Ray, ECG, Physical examination and so on.

For L&T Infotech friends. Here i will list out the procedures to be followed to complete the medical test successfully.

1.) After you got the mail, go and collect the medical form from the company.
2.) Probably on next day, try to be there in the hospital by around morning 7:30 A.M. So that you will easily finish all the tests, without waiting in the queue. The hospital is at Nandanam signal opposite to "Karumuthu Center"(red building).
3.)At the reception(upstairs), not the ground floor. Show your form and they will ask you to fill one form.
4.) After that they will give one Apollo ID card and file to you, which contains your Apollo ID number and so on.
5.)After that go to MHC which is in the opposite direction to the reception. Give the
files to that person in the room. Then you will be asked to fill out the L&T medical form, fill it there itself.
6.) After that you will be asked to go ground floor, near to entrance to finish your lab tests(Urine test, Blood test), X-Ray.
7.) After finishing it come to the MHC counter again, then show the form to that person.
8.) Then ECG will be taken to you in another room.
9.) Height and weight will be checked at the MHC counter.
10.) Then one doctor will ask you some details about your family health background and take a note on it in the file which was given to you.
11.) Another doctor will check you. It is called "Physical examination".
12.)Finally one person in the MHC counter will ask you to fill up the feed back form.
13.) Medical test over....
14.) Keep every thing with you after finishing the test.
15.) Inform the company about medical test.

Now all the pre-employment things are almost got over.. Now am waiting for the Call letter. Probably i will be leaving Chennai by the July end/August first week to Mumbai, to join my company.

Any way "My Pre-Employment Medical test got over successfully".
Thank God!!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

IPL : Is the cheer leaders spoiling Indian culture???

Our Indian politicians as usual have started a new unnecessary controversy. The controversy is IPL Cheer leaders are spoiling the Indian culture. I don't know why the politicians are creating these type of useless problems in our country rather than doing some thing useful for our people and country. I don't know why they are seeing the cheer leaders from sex point of view. Friends here you pen down your views about this controversy and share your thoughts.

Is the cheer leaders are really spoiling our Indian culture?

Are the cheer leaders necessary for the cricket to entertain the people?

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