Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Exam fever : All the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends............ Anna University exams are in front of us. Just two days before only i bought the books for my semester exam. Hardly six days to go for our exams. Personally i know that many of us have bought the books just now only. All the best for you people. Don't loose your self confidence. From my point of view eighth semester exams will be easy only. Surely we can score more than 75%. So i hope that you all will score more than that. Anyway study well and try to score good marks.

ALL THE BEST MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

VIS : Best project - IBM certificate, 200/200, Job offer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends....... I am glad to inform you people that we successfully finished our semester project. Here i would like to share my experiences that we experienced for the last seven months while doing our project.

During seventh semester,IBM announced the competition The Great Mind Challenge, 2007 for all the engineering college students through out india. The conditions in the competion are participants should use only the recommended IBM products like DB2, WAS, WASCE and the IDE's like Eclipse and technology Java/J2EE and so on.... Actually as a engineering student(s) we don't know any thing about the IBM products and their working. We know only two things Java/J2EE and then how to work with Eclipse IDE. From one side Muruganandham is registered for the competition and searching for the team mate and on other side myself not even registered for the competition, very eager to participate in the competition. Then we both discussed about the project and finally he registered for myself and for our team. Our team name is Java Hurricane. Our project is Vehicle Identification System using RFID technology.

Then we started to cut our daily semester classes and to prepare our project synopsis. It came around 60 pages and then we submitted that to IBM. Then we designed the RFID device through one of my friends circle. The device worked well with Vb program. But the competition constraint is we should not use VB and all. Because last time itself IBM rejected the project that was done using VB. So we decided to do the program for RFID using Java and we wrote the program also. But it not worked properly. Then we identified that the baud rate is not correct and we changed the baud rate to 1200. Finally we got the solution for RFID device, it worked sussessfully.

Then we both started to work day and night, especially Stalin hats off to him and finally we completed our project succesfully and sent to IBM office which is near to my home at Alwarpet. After two weeks time i got the phone call that "Your project got selected Mr.Sivakumar". I was jumped and got excited, then informed to Stalin. even he too excited a lot. And then we did our second round at Anna University. Now we are waiting for our certificate. Recently we got a job offer from one U.S.A based company at a salary of 3.6 p.a.

Am really thank full to all my classmates, teachers, parents, area friends and then finally to Indirect motivators, who supported us through out the project. Last but not least thank God..... Our selfconfidence is the only weapon that we used for the success of this VIS project. Now all are in the hands of GOD!!!!!!!

We successfully finished our semester demo. Our HOD informed that VIS is the best project in college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best project : IBM certificate, 200/200, Job offer and so on..... Hurrah!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Law Maker should not Be a Law Breaker!!!!!!!!

For all of us, in public and also in private places Police is the one which is having full responsibility to protect the people from all kinds of threats like Thieves and so on.... We people are thinking in this way.... But it is not true in all cases. The reason that am telling this is, on now a days police (not all) became the first threat to public as compared to thieves, gang rapers and so on. Because the incidents that are happening now in our country just changed my mind set against the police department. Am not telling that all police are like this, even i know so many police officers who are well known to me. They all are really sincere and dedicated to their work Ex : Teynampet Police Inspector(s) (Both Men and Women officer's).

I don't know why some police officers are creating bad name to the police department. Here i will list out some incidents that made me to feel bad about the police,

1.) 3 police men gang raped a girl (April - 12, 2008) and so many incidents of this type.
2.) Accepting bribes ( I saw it recently (Place not mentioned)).
3.) Supporting the culprits and Rowdy's for doing some anti-social activities.
4.) Beach incident (Name not mentioned) police constables black mailing the Couples and getting money from them.
5.) Police itself acting like thieves and betraying people.
And so on...............

I don't know when we will get rid of these matters????????????

Come on friends share your views here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Law Maker should not Be a Law Breaker!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

SUICIDE : Correct or Not?????????


We people are really lucky to born as a Human Being. We are having all the resources with us to lead a peaceful and joyful life. Even though we are having so many critical problems in our day to day life most of us leading our life in a fine manner, but some of us don't know how to face those critical parts of life and they are finally finding a simple solution to solve those problems. Simply the solution is SUICIDE!!!

I don't know why these people are finishing their lifetime shortly in a stupid and bitter manner???. What’s the need for that? What they are going to achieve through this? Even though they are eliminating themselves from this competitive world, at the same time they are causing too much pain and problems to their dependents.

GOD gave us this sweet and beautiful opportunity to achieve some thing in this world. Many people who are not having any resources on their hands with them are achieving and achieved many things in their lifetime for Ex : Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who achieved so many goals in his lifetime even though he was born in a simple and poor family. Why we people are not able to face even a simple problem?

We are not going to achieve any thing through committing suicide. It is not the correct option to solve the problem. We should fight against those problems and prove ourselves. The reason that I put this post here is, one boy (name and college not mentioned) who is studying in an engineering college (First year) has committed suicide because of the reason that his father had scolded him. His father is a farmer and he made him to study by taking loan from a bank. Since that boy had committed suicide who is going to pay the huge amount of rupees more than 80,000? That boy had not even thought about this for a second. Now his father is going to suffer because of him.

You people tell me what will be the correct solution for the problems that we are facing today, instead of committing suicide?????????

SUICIDE : Correct or Not?????????????

Monday, April 7, 2008

Look at this........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends..... Here i gave the answer for the Gowthaman's blog post.... In that post gowda said am looking like a Devil.... One more person said i will get a chance in Wrong Turn 3...... Here i will put some images of mine, you people just have a look at it and tell me whether am really looking like a Devil or not?????????? Don't try to make fun out of this dude's!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

INDIA : Unity in Diversity....??????

Every one of us should say "We are proud to be an Indian" and all of us are delighted about that. We are so much proud of our country because of the achievements that we have met so far within a span of around 60 years. I/We learned this thing "India is the country of Unity in Diversity". Actually i want to know one thing here. Can any one of you clear it for sake of me????? What is the exact meaning for this sentence "Unity in Diversity"? My teachers taught me that the real meaning is "Feeling of oneness and Unity among the people of a country where all citizen irrespective of any culture live together peacefully by helping each other in needy situations". At this point i wanna share one important thing here. You people should not mistake me here... The thing is " Am proud to be an Indian but at the same time am very much proud to be an Tamilian". Because the reason is Tamil Nadu is the only state which helped all states at all time when the help was really needed for Ex : Gujarat Earthquake disaster. But the things that are happening now in our country like,

1.) Quarrel between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. ( Water & Border problem)
2.) Problem that was created by the politicians between Marathi's and North Indians.
3.) Dam problem between TN and Kerala.

And so on................
Our teachers taught us that we should help others when the help was really needed and that is the real meaning for that sentence "Unity in Diversity". That is what all we know. But see here..... The politicians are creating problems between people for their benefit. They are using the illiteracy of our people as a weapon. Even though we are proud to be an Indian, by seeing all these stupid things that are happening around us in our country, i am feeling really shame...... Sorry to say this.... I don't know when we will get the answer for all these questions?

Is India the country of "UNITY IN DIVERSITY"?????????

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