Tuesday, January 27, 2009

** Masakali - My favorite from Dilli 6

Dilli 6

It is one of the best movie by A R. Again he proved that he is a maestro through his music composing in this movie. Especially the song Masakali is the master piece and one more thing that I have to say is Sonam Kapoor. She is looking so nice in this movie and I like that. Such a nice lovely face, which attracts everyone with just a one shot. All the songs are really nice in this movie and I am expecting a nice movie as like before by director OmPrakash, who is properly knows for his movie Rang De Basanthi. Here I will put the Dilli6 video, just check this out...

Wrought Iron

Getting a home of our own is really a very big thing and nice feeling too. TA the same time, decorating our home with new decorative items is such a nice experience for all of us. Therefore, if you want to decorate your home with lots of decorative and attractive things, then you all may pay a visit to Wrought Iron Heaven. It is a perfect online store has about 1300 finest quality of iron and metal furniture items available.
This site contains so many collections of items, which will surely help us to decorate our home as per our desire. I found many items from this which are really attracted me a lot. Among them the popular item available at this online store is the curtain rods. It adds to the style of the curtains. One can try out the wrought iron double curtain rods. It not only creates a cool layered effect but also makes a drapery hardware statement of its own. It can be ideally used for window treatment. This drapery hardware is available in nine different styles and four different sizes. One of the popular curtain rods is the wrought iron double curtain rods. Its total length is about 40 inches and consists of hanging area of 35 inches and the decorative ends are about 2.5 inch each side. It is made up of solid wrought iron. It definitely adds to the style of the curtains giving it a glamorous look.
They not only contain the curtains and other decorative items. But there also is some more cool collection of home accessories available at this online store like cabinet hardware, candle holders, house wares, wall hooks and hangers, war style curtain rods etc. Also there are cool items which can help one decorate their gardens and lawns. For more details of the different decorative items you may visit to Wrought Iron Heaven.


Saturday, January 10, 2009


While we are changing our house from one place to another a lot of work is to be done. Moving items like Television, refrigerator, washing machine etc are very difficult, when we change our house. Even if the house that we move to was only several houses away from our old house, the amount of time and energy spent packing, moving, unpacking, arranging, assembling and etc. was just really tremendous.
So the best way to move all our items to the other house is using a Moving Company. This company will help us pack and unpack all the things. Thus this makes our work load little bit easier. But, to which moving company we should go for safe moving of the items from one place to another. Not all the moving companies are perfect in this work. So care should be taken, while choosing the company.
The boston moving company will help you to move all your items from your old house to your new house, with great care. The materials will be shifted perfectly without any damage. They assure you that the items will be moved even without scratches on them. So I suggest you this moving company to move your materials safely.

Online Games Rules

Bingo is one of the best online games, which can fetch us a lot of money. Even though it is a gambling game, earning money through it is a nice one. Playing bingo in any site is not good and also not safe too. The right place to play Online Bingo games is Onlinecasinosuite.com. This site allows its players to play bingo and earn money through it. It is a directory of Bingo games, free online bingo sites and bingo rules. They review the reliable bingo sites and best online casinos! They will also guide you where to play free casino games and where to get casino bonus money. Nice huh! What’s really good thing about Online Casino Suite.com is that, they review almost every casino games such as slots, poker, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, carps, keno, bingo and sweepstakes.
It also has magazines, books, movies and software. And hey! If you want news, you may have to check their Casino News. Just go to their site to read the news. There are lots of things you will find at Online Casino Suite when it comes to casino.
Thus I suggest this site for playing online bingo games. So visit this site and have fun and earn some money…

Thursday, January 8, 2009

** Satyam Fiasco

As of now we all are facing the effects of recession all over the world. Hike in prices of basic commodities, natural disasters, more demand for fuel, share markets are crashing, unemployment is increasing day by day, companies are laying off their employees, banking giants are shutting down, poverty is increasing, war clouds on many parts and ongoing wars, terrorism and so on. It is not possible to list out everything here. In addition to all these things, a new problem is emerged now. Satyam, India's 4th best IT sector betrayed the trust of public, employees, investors, share holders and so on. Due to Satyam Fiasco share markets are got affected a lot from all across the world. Many employees are scared about loosing their jobs. Clients of Satyam are moving away from them and canceling the projects.

Still you people you don't know about the Satyam Fiasco? Satyam founder and chairman Ramalinga Raju admitted on Wednesday to inflating Satyam's reported cash and bank balances by over 50 billion rupees ($1 billion). After his admittance shares of Satyam in Indian market has plunged up to 80%. According to many experts Wednesday is one of the Black Days in Indian history. Many got shocked because of this incident and finally we people are going to get affected.

For more information check the below links,

Will it affect the foreign investments in India?

Actually I was planned to buy Satyam shares, anyway thank God!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Personality Test

If you want to achieve a good position in your lifetime, then first and foremost thing that you should do is “Self Assessment”. Personality test helps an individual to understand his basic positive and negative characters. It is not necessary to spend some money for this. Many free services are available to take this Personality Quizzes in order to understand the things better. Learnmyself.com is a free online personality test portal that has the latest psychometric question to analyze the psychological behavior of a person. Accuracy of these tests depends on many factors, first thing is, you must be truthful to the answers you give. And seriousness also plays a major role. It provides a very insightful personality test which measures a number of interesting dimensions into your personality. It’s fun and provides a cool snapshot into your personality and the way others might see you. I hope that these kinds of tests will make a person more unique and mentally strong too. So try this out and feel the difference on you.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Your needs enforce us to complete them but on the other side we will go crazy because of our financial problem, then we are desperate of it. At this time have you ever thought about loans that can help us in situation like this…?
If you not, let’s go further and we can know about it…
We can able to solve our financial problem and we must. There is a site called, personalcashadvance.com, which can help us in this matter. They can help us in giving Payday Loans, cash advance etc. Thus it becomes easy to face our economical problems with personalcashadvance.com. It is a simple way to face our economy condition, we can apply, and then submit it then if they accept and approve our cash advance then directly they will deposit our payday loan amount that we have chosen as our savings account. Besides, they also offer so many facilities such as fast and easy, private and confidential, online everyday 24 hours and 7 days, overnight cash advance and many more. They offer us easy loans, within a short time period to solve our problems soon.
Thus for more details visit personalcashadvance.com and get your Payday Loans much easily. Thus we can easily be able to solve our financial problems with the help of personalcashadvance.com.


We all know that, tires are the important parts of a car or any vehicle. It is very important to keep our vehicle tires well-maintained to avoid any accidents. Properly and well maintained tires can also save us money because the tires can last longer and help give the car better mileage.
Tires are bought because of its function but many people also consider its aesthetic side. Some people even invest on Custom Wheels. You might be surprised by the different kinds of wheels in various sizes, colors and designs.
There is an online website called wheelfire.com, which helps you to remodel or replace our car’s tire, rims etc. This website provides us wide selection of wheel for our car, truck or SUV and they also offering wheel and tire in one package. This package can be bought with discount prices. And if we just want to buy rims, we also can get in this site; you just call or send email and our order will us get in lower prices. All of wheel and tires is guarantee. So, don’t want to think twice to get our fashionable wheel and tires for our car. Let make our car, truck or SUV more attractive and good looking.
Thus visit this site for more information and make your car to look more stylish and beautiful.

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