Monday, March 30, 2009

Halloween party

All need at least one Halloween costume to wear it in a Halloween party. But where we can buy it? Before buying, we should think about Halloween costume safety, cost, quality etc. the best place for us to buy halloween costumes with all these qualities is They have a number of different quality items with them. You can browse the entire collection complete with the picture and price in this website; also don’t miss the accessories including costume jewelry, wigs, wings, robes, capes, horns, tiaras and many more. Navigate through the website to search by category or use the search box and type the particular keyword of costume theme, to find the products that match your need.
You can even find the Halloween decoration tools such as Pumpkin Craving tools, scary sound effects, costume books and other holiday party favor. The costumes offered in this website are 0% sales tax free for every order. Your favorite historical figure or animals, characters from film, television, or comic books, you can find all those imaginative costumes here! Be the star of the parties with the additional products of magic tricks and card tricks, jokes and novelties, or Halloween masks. Or if you would rather to wear sexy costumes, just pick a theme and run with it. With the wide variety of masquerade items, costumes and other products you will be able to liven up any party and win any costume contest.
You can find the adult and kids Halloween costumes and purchase it anywhere you are with their shipping service reach around the world. Just by adding items to the cart, write your shipping and billing addresses, select a shipping method and then enter your payment information, you will be directed to the receipt page that you should review and print your records and then get your costume immediately within few days. So for further information, visit

Play golf...

Golf is not a popular game that is known to all. But many of us love to play it. This is because of its different type of modes it has. There are different fields available for the golf players to play the game. It will be so interesting to play the golf game. We can also be able to play this game in different weather conditions. Golf becomes the place to gather with friends, business relative or family. To get the great place to play and gather is not an easy thing to do because most of the beautiful fields is located far from the city. Golf vacations are an ideal way to practice your golf game and dining at some of the beautiful place and resorts. Even if you aren’t a golfer, there are plenty of activities for the whole family on these vacations. And the good news cheap golf vacations are possible because many of the top golf resorts offer discounts to attract visitors. Keep in mind that a discount should not be equated to low quality. But how can you get the suitable information regarding this matter, anyway? You can choose to use the internet.
The is able to give you the combination of vacation and golf. They provide the beautiful place to stay when you are playing golf. The golf lover can have Golfreisen to provide the memorable golf vacation. They can take you to the beautiful place with great field and weather. Playing on the new field is the most challenging thing for the player. With the new geographical contour, the player must adjust their playing performances.
With them, you can also get Platzreife to enjoy. On the web site, we can also get the golf shop so we can easily purchase the golf equipment. To be the member, we only need to sign in on the website and we can start to enjoy the facilities that never got by the other non member. Thus this shop really helps us to buy some cool golf equipments with great offers. For more information visit the Golf shop site…
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** Can they sense our emotions!

Scientists have invented a specially-equipped robot vacuum cleaner that can sense human emotions. The scientists say that the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner uses a special headband to capture bio electric signals from the forehead of a human user, and then infers stress from muscle tension readings.
The system involves a control software programme that reinterprets natural muscle tension as estimating the user's stress level, they add.
"Two distinct robotic behaviours corresponding to two extreme emotional states, either relaxed or stressed, are triggered when the stress reading reach a threshold. Robot actions are then influenced by these stress readings. When a person shows high stress (~levels 3 and 4), the robot enters its cleaning mode but moves away from the user so as not annoy them. When a person is relaxed (~level 1), the robot (if cleaning) approaches the person and then stops, simulating a pet sitting next to its owner. If the reading is in between these two levels, the robot continues operating in its current mode until the stress reading reaches a threshold," New Scientist magazine quoted the researchers as saying.
Telling about the unique feature of this system, the researchers said that the robot's behaviour is controlled by human emotion instead of any explicit commands.
Thus this vacuum cleaner is a real well equipped robot.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Play online...

All of us like to earn money in an easy manner. But how can we do it and is it possible? Yes, it is possible… We can earn a lot of money by playing online casino games. But many of us are already familiar with casino; a place where people can really enjoy their spare time with some friends and relatives. They will really enjoy this place because they can play poker, bingo, roulette or any other casino games. At this time, people do not have to go to casino corner to play their favorite games but they can do this through internet connection which will connect them to casino rooms and play with many people around the world. The usa internet casino provide many downloadable casino games which can be played in your home or your workplace. So it is no longer a problem when suddenly you get bored at your office. Through this site you may find many us casinos online and you can start playing with others casino maniacs throughout the world or you can just try your luck here. Thus this game is fully based on your luck. So play the online casino games here at usa internet casino and you can easily get some money if you think that you have luck.

Enjoy playing golf...

Many of us don’t know how to play golf…. However it is a good game to play and to watch. I even like to watch some golf tournaments like Tiger Woods, John Nicklaus etc. It is also one of the best skilled sports with a number of famous personalities who engage into this sport. I remember when I was a kid that we used to sneak out at the golf course near where we lived. Friends and I watched those people who with their nice outfit and the posture when they play golf. The moment that the player hit the ball, they are amazing. We even look for the golf balls after the game and we keep it for souvenirs. Then I met a man who teaches golf, I think that was last year that I met him. He told me he travels a lot just to teach that kind of sports. I even seldom seeing him because he is always out of the country. That friend of mine often is talking about his adventures in teaching and playing golf. However, one of my boss’ colleagues before also plays golf. Every time he is at the office, he brings all his gadgets and shows it to me and all was nice. He often invited his clients to play golf while talking about business. However, these guys often talk about golf equipment on where to shop and where to find all the latest about golf. I told them there is one online site that offers all what they need. This is all about German Golf shop online. This website has everything in terms about golf. They provide the latest about golf news and where are the best to be if you want some golf holidays. They offer also golf lessons and information on the latest gadgets, golf wear and golf clubs. It is one of the biggest German shops online with worldwide delivery. So if you plan to play golf, then I suggest you to buy all the golf equipments by following Golf Mode here at German Golfshop online. Here you can get products of all brands. So don’t miss it…
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Hi everyone… Today our post is going to be about a online guide called ShopWiki , which is designed in such a way to help the consumers to find some specific products on the Internet with ease. With the help of this site we can able to find the best products that we need to buy and they also give us information about where to buy those products. Information about all the products, from A to Z is available here.
It is a very ultimate shopping search engine and actively crawls more than 200,000 online stores, thus we can easily find the products that we need of good quality and best price… Here, in this site we can able to find our products either by using a simple product search or we can also make our search very specific by using a number of variables, including price, special features, brand and retailer. Thus ShopWiki is a user-friendly shopping search engine and we can easily find our products using this ultimately powerful online site…
Information about all the products in some specific fields like Accessories, Health & Beauty, Video games, weddings, Electronics are available in this search engine, thus we can easily find our products with high quality and low price. Thus if you need to buy any products, Visit ShopWiki and make use of it…

** iPosture gadget

You can now stop worrying about the way you look while sitting, for iPosture a small gadget, which can be stuck on the skin and buzzes to remind the wearer to sit up straight, helping improve posture, has come to your rescue. The revolutionary device vibrates discretely when the wearer slouches by more than three degrees for one minute. Once the posture is corrected the buzzing stops and users have been found to adopt better habits after wearing the device for four hours a day for up to a month. The iPosture gadget can be worn while sitting, standing or walking, making it ideal for workers who spend hours in front of a computer and can be stuck to the skin, worn as a necklace or attached to a bra strap. It uses a slimline battery like those found in most watches or calculators and monitors posture every few seconds. It may be bought on the Internet for 50pounds. Thus it helps the people to sit straight… This is a boon for all who likes to sit in iPosture… So make use of it…

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Business directory

Many of us in this are doing many kinds of business. We do business to improve our status and become rich. Business really helps us to solve all our financial problems. If you are a businessman or you want to learn more about business? We must find solutions for that. That is easy and you can find it at the site In this you can find many directories about business. is a global business directory resource site, where they have many article and directories about business like jobs, financial, sales and marketing, careers, accounting and employment. You can only find out many directory of business in global Business Directory resource at Thus to know more about it visit and get some ideas to improve your business.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best lawyer

All will have some problems in their life. Some problems can be solved with the help of our brain and hard work. But, in some problems, we need the help of lawyers. So if you have any problem and searching for a lawyer who is within US? Then this site will give you the best solution. Here you can search lawyers who are within US. There is an attorney search where you can find different lawyers under different categories like accidents attorney, collection law attorney, drug charges attorney and many more. Just click on the category that you are looking for and you are directed to a location page where you can choose the location from which you want your lawyer. Once done you get the name, address and phone number of the lawyer you wanted.
Thus solve your problem by finding a good lawyer, with the help of

Face painting

Nowadays, Face painting is becoming very popular in parties around all the countries. At present, it is becoming as a fashion, all over the world. But, how can we learn this face painting? Here is the source for us to learn this thing. There are numerous face painting videos that are coming out in the market these days. One of them is the Create Faces Face Painting Collection by Aesthetic Video Source. This video collection teaches you how to do different face painting designs. There are 5 face painting dvd's in the collection: Animal Faces, Masquerade, Halloween Classic, Halloween Horror, and Holidays & Seasons. Each shows a step-by-step guide to face paint different designs. The videos also discuss supplies for face painting, how to clean the paint afterward, and how to work with little kids.
So if you need any copy of face painting video, I suggest you to buy it in Aesthetic Video Source.
face painting DVD

how to face paint | step by step face painting

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Canopies for you...

Hi every one… The time for summer occasion is getting near in every country. For this occasion, we all need some materials like party tents, canopies etc. Without these materials, we can’t able to enjoy the trip in a good manner. Thus If you are looking for some canopies to use during normal pool side barbecues, outdoor events or to house your boat and cars, then this place has everything you need. You would not believe the selection of Valance, Party, Traditional, Enclosed, Doomed, Pop up, Industrial and more for you to choose from. Don’t forget to check out their big party tents as well. You never know when you just might need one of these for an awe-inspiring outdoor wedding or other special occasion.
A canopy can be used for so many things that one is just not enough and at these prices, you could buy several. Why not have the whole family enjoy the outdoors with the products from A 1 Tarps. They offer a full line of backyard canopies and wedding tents as well in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.
So visit, to select your backyard canopies and wedding, party tents as you like and enjoy your trip with A 1 Tarps.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

** Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho (You are my destiny) ft A R Rahman

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In internet o many resources are available to earn money through various ways. Among them betting and winning money is one of the best and popular ways of doing it. Recently I came across a site named, which is becoming popular by placing one bet per each outcome with different betting companies; the bettor can make a profit. Each Bookmaker will still make profit due to their calculations. So more the number of bookmakers the better it is for us. SureWins is one such place where you have many bookmakers’ reviews. Since this site is being approved by GPWA besides also has many Sports books ratings, so we can fully trust this site. There is lot of options for us as Sure Bets | Bookmakers Review | Sportsbooks Rating. We do have a RSS enables Surebets. The user interface is very user friendly as all bits are being listed out on a daily basis. Thus, this site provides great way for all the betters to earn more money through it. So try them out and feel the jargon Sure Bets - Sure Win.

** India - NZ First Test - Day 1 Bulletin

After winning the one day series in a great manner, now Indians are started to travel on their way to clinch the test series in NZ after a long long time. Dhoni's team has shown their bowling power today in first day of the first test. But it couldn't prevent the Ryder-Vettori pair to hit hundreds respectively. They both had a stand for around 180 runs for the 7th wicket. It is such a nice treat for the Indian fans to see NZ score board 61/6, then finally bolwed out for 279 and for the kiwi fans to see maiden hundred from Ryder and a captain innings from Vettori with an another ton to his account. From Indians point of view all the bowlers have performed well by bowling at the right places and caused more problems for all the kiwi batsmens. Indians have replied well in reply to kiwi total, especially it is really a nice thing to watch Sehwag hitting 3 fours in one over of Kyle Mills, right? So far its an day for the Indians and for Ryder-Vettori pair alone. Lets see what happens on second day... Till then good bye...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fashion Jewelry

I hope that many of you are interested in fashion and the kind of things that they are using in day to day life. The reason is fashion is the thing which makes you to look different from others in means of style, look and many more. So if you are looking for opportunities to buy fashion accessories such as hats, dress and others kinds of fashion items, then just check this post. Here I am going to discuss about a site named, which sells Fashion Clothes & women's accessories such like costume jewelry, Tops, Dresses, Fashion Handbags, Tights, Leggings, Hats, cosmetics and many more. All the products are of different types and of good quality with low price.

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Hip Hop

Most of us are having more interest on Hip Hop music. It is such a thrilling and nice experience to listen to those songs, especially the famous ones. Definitely we will feel so annoyed when our friends already watch the newest hip-hop videos and at the same time we don’t know anything about them. Therefore, if you are wondering where the people watch the newest hip-hop videos, then fine just check this post. Here we are going to see about a site named, which contains all stuffs related to Hip Hop music. You will not find those amazing Hip Hop videos on TV channels or even under your bed. Check out and you will fill amazed with the newest HipHop Music TV Videos. They will let you to watch it freely and easily. There are also the newest R&B Music TV Videos and Urban TV Videos for all of you. There is no better way to get the newest hip-hop videos. This site can offer you with many kinds of videos from many hip-hop artists from Lisa Banton, the sexy Chey N until the rising stars Mike Street. I hope that this site will help you all a lot to enjoy more with your friends by dancing, singing and many more So try them out and make use of it…

Slot Machines

Going to casinos and playing with others to earn money is not such an easy task. The reason is when you go to a casino to play the slot machines, a group of people will be there and they will try to take your money. So you have to be more careful while visiting certain kind of casinos and Slot Machines clubs. You may be not aware of some of the genuine slot machines and casino sites and tournaments. For this I recently came across a site named, which is a free guide to online casinos and slots tournaments. So answers your all questions. This site also provides slot playing strategies that will help you to stretch your bankroll and increase the odds of hitting a mega jackpot. The site is designed in such a way that we can easily get what we need from this site about the slot machines and casinos. It will be very helpful for all of the casino lovers, who have been trying for years to see some winnings in casinos. So I hope that this site will satisfy you in all sides and helps you to make some money through it. So try them out and make use of their services.

Monday, March 9, 2009

** ICC T20 World Cup 2009 Schedule

In the upcoming season of ICC T20 World Cup 2009, 12 teams are going to participates for the tournament and all the teams are divides in the four groups as given Below :

  • Group A : India, Bangladesh, Ireland
  • Group B : Pakistan, England, Netherland
  • Group C : Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies
  • Group D : South Africa, New Zealand, Scotland

The ICC T20 World Cup 2009 will be starts from Friday, June 5, 2009 and the first match is between the teams England and Netherlands, which are from Gruop B at London and the same match is Day night.

The same tournament ends on Sunday, June 21, 2009 with the Final match, which helds at London.

Full schedule of the T20 World cup 2009 as Under :


Teams Type Venue
05, June 2009 England v Netherlands D/N London
06, June 2009 New Zealand v Scotland Day London
06, June 2009 Australia v West Indies Day London
06, June 2009 India v Bangladesh D/N Nottingham
07, June 2009 South Africa v Scotland Day London
07, June 2009 England v Pakistan D/N London
08, June 2009 Bangladesh v Ireland Day Nottingham
08, June 2009 Australia v Sri Lanka D/N Nottingham
09, June 2009 Pakistan v Netherlands Day London
09, June 2009 New Zealand v South Africa D/N London
10, June 2009 Sri Lanka v West Indies Day Nottingham
10, June 2009 India v Ireland D/N Nottingham
Twenty20 World Cup 2009 - Super Eight
Date Teams Type Venue
11, June 2009 D1 v A2 Day Nottingham
11, June 2009 B2 v D2 D/N Nottingham
12, June 2009 B2 v D2 Day London
12, June 2009 A1 v C1 D/N London
13, June 2009 C1 v D2 Day London
13, June 2009 D1 v B1 D/N London
14, June 2009 A2 v C2 Day London
14, June 2009 A1 v B2 D/N London
15, June 2009 B2 v C1 Day London
15, June 2009 B1 v A2 D/N London
16, June 2009 D1 v C2 Day Nottingham
16, June 2009 D2 v A1 D/N Nottingham
Twenty20 World Cup 2009 - Semi Final
Date Teams Type Venue
18, June 2009 1st Semi-Final Day Nottingham
19, June 2009 2nd Semi-Final D/N London
Twenty20 World Cup 2009 - Final
Date Teams Type Venue
21, June 2009 Final Day London

** Join hands to save humanity

Save the humanity in SriLanka

Join hands from all over the world!!!

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Top US Online games

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Recently I came across a site named which is a home for most of the American gamblers who’s looking to play online casinos, poker rooms. The site includes many lists of websites related to casinos located in the United States of America, where we can find various online casinos on the main page and top ten sites with biggest payouts and bonus!

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

** Mallya buys Gandhi memorabilia

An famous industrialist from India named Vijay Mallya had acquired the belongings of Mahatma Gandhi by placing the winning bet of Rs 9.3 crore at a New York auction.The bidding for the items stopped at $1.8 million, but with commission it came for around $2.1 million. This is not the first time that Mr Mallya has bought a part of Indian heritage at an auction. In September 2003, Mr Mallya had bought the sword of Tippu Sultan at an auction in Londion.

Some Indian Govt's confusion is there in this deal with Mallya. Indian Govt. is stating that Mr Mallya is just the representative from govt. side to buy the belongings of Gandhi. But Mallya is refusing the matter and says that he bidded and bought the things in auction of his own interest. Anyway an Indian bought the things and saved the Indian heritage from its loss. Hats off to Mr Mallya.

Great Mallya!!!

Website Templates

Many people are started their own websites and the blogs to improve their business and in the process of starting their own business. We have to define and set some goals for the website and should have clear idea in the field of their interest in the business. This will help them to give everything clearly in the website. If we are going to maintain a site for our business, then it site should have some qualities like very good design, easy user interface, understandable content and many more. Recently I came across site with best website template named DreamTemplate, which has some beautiful collections of web designs, website templates and flash templates for affordable price to its users. It has so many varieties of designs, which will suit any kind of user’s requirements and ideas for their website. The site is designed in such a way that we can get the required things in a much easier way. So try this site and make use of their nice collection of web templates...

Web host

Hi everyone, we all like to own a site on our own. A site needs some important matters like theme, hosting etc. Coming to hosting, we should select a perfect web hosting provider for providing a good service for us. The gives you varied options to select different top graded web hosts, detailing with the price, their grade and complete details aiding and making our work very, very easy. They provide us some information, which will be really helpful for us to select a web hosting plan. In this site web hosts are provided for both business and personal usage. So I think that, this information will be helpful for you to know about much about To know more about this site, please visit the site and if you are interested in buying a web hosting for your site, this is the right place for it. Furthermore promote among your friends.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Acne Treatment

Nowadays many of us are spoiling our health; due to the things like irregular food habits, not following proper diet and many more. We are getting many diseases because of all these things in this world and the diseases like acne and other kind of body diseases are causing more problems to us. Acne is a common disorder of the sebaceous (oil) gland and their follicles characterized by the presence of blackheads, whiteheads, postules, nodules and cyst. It occurs predominantly on the face, chest, back and upper arms. Old folks prevent their teens to eat chocolates, nuts and other oily foods because they believe that these foods aggravate the increase of pimples. Sometimes, especially teenagers tend to feel embarrassed or develop feeling of inferiority if worst acne on face. The effects immediately clear the skin in just days. I was a teenager too with having pimples. Throughout my teenage period pimples never treated despite of some medications I had before. At least finally now, top acne products are discovered. Very effective to clear your skin and become confident to face other people without hesitation anymore.
Aside from acne, Blemish Treatment are also a problem that usually can't avoid. It is really a kind of torment that you can't face the public. Yes cosmetics like foundation are there to fill in the scars but never enough. During the older time they just keep the face clean free from dirt and avoid eating fatty. Medications are now available and out of the market. It is proven and highly recommended by the dermatologist and herbalist. It is now the best selling Top Acne Products. The site looks very nice and more informative. Thus this site helps us to get more information about the acne products and Acne Treatment. So try them site and make use of it…

Monday, March 2, 2009

** Sign off with Jai Ho

As we all know, Slumdog Millionaire is rocking the entire world through its 8 Oscar wins, especially for its 2 Oscars for Music composing. Our Indian music director bagged 2 Oscars for his own composition in this film. Jai Ho song from this movie has attracted everyone in this world and securing more international recognition for our best music director A R Rahman. The more intersting thing through Jai Ho song is, now it has become the alternative one for signing off in mails, letters etc. It seems, that Slumdog Millionaire's award-winning song would become an anthem.

Corporate executives so smitten by the words that they are now using Jai Ho as salutation and valediction in their e-mails. In many of the emails and letters the words "Dear Sir" and "Yours Sincerely" are replaced with "Jai Ho". Now we will see some of the examples of the usage of Jai Ho...
  • Roger Little, CEO of Spire Corporation, US, who has a special liking for India and keeps visiting Pune for business, found it appropriate to replace 'Hi' with Jai Ho in his e-mails and says it's been well accepted.
  • In villages of Bihar, people still wish each other by saying Jai Ho, and thanks to the song the expression is universal now.
Thus, "Jai Ho" has become the integral part of each and everyone's life. So if I finish this post with "Jai Ho", then it would be more suitable, right?

Jai Ho

** I am the real follower of Shiva - Aghori

Third Eye of Shiva

This content is not suitable for weak hearted persons and children. So reader discretion is requested...

Now in this post we will see about a more controversial thing in India, Aghoris. So many interesting points are there to read out about them like Who are they? Why they call them as real followers of Lord Shiva? What's their ultimate aim? and many more. Aghoris worship lord Shiva according to them everything in this world are created from "Brahman" and nothing can be impure and everything in this universe is god itself and pure as god itself.

Aghoris are the part of Hinduism sannyasins, who lives around the banks of river Ganga. They usually they call them as worshipers of third eye of Shiva. Usually they cover themselves with the ashes that comes from the burning of dead bodies and the hair and beard are grown to long lengths. Since many of the hindus believes that the river ganges is having the power of purifying the human. So many of them immerse the dead bodies of the human beings in to river and therefore that person will get Moksha. The dead bodies may be not fully burned or cremenated.

The dead bodies which are immersed in water usually flow downstream. The Aghoris are settled in such places. Aghoris wait for days on end for a dead body to flow downstream. Once they spot one, they jump in to take hold of the body. Usually the Aghoris operate as single. The body is brought ashore. The items for an elaborate pooja are set. The divine lamp is shined. Now, the Aghori will proceed to sit on the stomach of the dead body. The chantings will start. After this elaborate ritual starts the gory part. The Aghori takes a knife and cuts the body parts one by one. Then he proceeds to bite off and eat it.

What you say about this?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best Webhosting

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