Saturday, March 7, 2009

** Mallya buys Gandhi memorabilia

An famous industrialist from India named Vijay Mallya had acquired the belongings of Mahatma Gandhi by placing the winning bet of Rs 9.3 crore at a New York auction.The bidding for the items stopped at $1.8 million, but with commission it came for around $2.1 million. This is not the first time that Mr Mallya has bought a part of Indian heritage at an auction. In September 2003, Mr Mallya had bought the sword of Tippu Sultan at an auction in Londion.

Some Indian Govt's confusion is there in this deal with Mallya. Indian Govt. is stating that Mr Mallya is just the representative from govt. side to buy the belongings of Gandhi. But Mallya is refusing the matter and says that he bidded and bought the things in auction of his own interest. Anyway an Indian bought the things and saved the Indian heritage from its loss. Hats off to Mr Mallya.

Great Mallya!!!


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