Monday, March 2, 2009

** Sign off with Jai Ho

As we all know, Slumdog Millionaire is rocking the entire world through its 8 Oscar wins, especially for its 2 Oscars for Music composing. Our Indian music director bagged 2 Oscars for his own composition in this film. Jai Ho song from this movie has attracted everyone in this world and securing more international recognition for our best music director A R Rahman. The more intersting thing through Jai Ho song is, now it has become the alternative one for signing off in mails, letters etc. It seems, that Slumdog Millionaire's award-winning song would become an anthem.

Corporate executives so smitten by the words that they are now using Jai Ho as salutation and valediction in their e-mails. In many of the emails and letters the words "Dear Sir" and "Yours Sincerely" are replaced with "Jai Ho". Now we will see some of the examples of the usage of Jai Ho...
  • Roger Little, CEO of Spire Corporation, US, who has a special liking for India and keeps visiting Pune for business, found it appropriate to replace 'Hi' with Jai Ho in his e-mails and says it's been well accepted.
  • In villages of Bihar, people still wish each other by saying Jai Ho, and thanks to the song the expression is universal now.
Thus, "Jai Ho" has become the integral part of each and everyone's life. So if I finish this post with "Jai Ho", then it would be more suitable, right?

Jai Ho


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