Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm not a FOOL!!!!! What about you?

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||~~~ Injurious to Health

Every one knows that Smoking habit is very Injurious to Health, but no one cares. Really i don't know what we can get from Smoking habit, at the same time to know about it i don't want to try that. We all know that through Smoking we are getting so many diseases. Smoking not only causes problems to the person who smokes it, but it also causes problems to the surrounding ones.

I dedicated this post to spread some awareness about the Smoking habit. I am not sure how many of you will see this topic as an useful one and how many of you will see it as an childish topic. Many of us are addicted to this habit, in this list youth ranks first but nothing to cheer up. Here i will put some links related to this topic, please check it out.....
One of my school teacher gave this definition for Cigarette - A paper rolled with Tobacco in which one end will be fire and on the other end will be a fool.

What about you?

Restricting the people from smoking habit, does it mean that restricting their freedom?

What's the main reason for smoking habit?
  • Self Interest
  • Media attraction
  • Change in life style
  • Other ( Please suggest what may be the other reason)
!!!!!!! I'm not a FOOL !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cricket or Football - Which one you like?

::::: Cricket or Football :::::

Today many kinds of sports are there, which are having some uniqueness in it. Each and every sport is having some specialty and grace among the people. But the Cricket and Football are two giants, which is conquering this whole world through the popularity. From my point of view, compared to cricket football is having more popularity in each and every part of this world. Here in India cricket is more popular than football. I am not having any idea about other countries. You people just tell which you like most and also share the reason why you like it.

Which one you like?

:::: IPL 08 or EURO 08 ::::

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why are People not ready to go for an HIV/AIDS test?

There are many people I have talked to about Aids but every time I ask them whether they would go for a HIV test of their own volition, they cast me such an icy look that I retract and recoil.

One friend of mine told me something to the effect that he would rather not know his HIV status (and live happily) than know that he has Aids and die of despair and despondency.
Many countries around the world have taken HIV/AIDS very seriously so much so that Voluntary Counselling and Testing clinics are in virtually every town. Home testing kits, too, are easy to come by. But people are still jittery about getting to know their HIV status. Why is this so? Would you be ready to go for a HIV test if asked to do so?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

World : Orkut Alert!!!!!

::::::: Murders through Orkut :::::::

Many people are using the Orkut as the medium to communicate with all of their friends and to form a social network. Through this they can able to communicate with all kinds of people around the world. But now a days Orkut become too strange to all of us. The reason is some people are trying to use the Orkut to make friendship with some one whom they don't know and making use of it in a wrong way. I mean they are using this as the medium to get contact with many people and they are getting involved in crimes like murders, rapes, kidnaps and so on.

Orkut now become too worse because of the things like fake profiles, illegal contacts, murders, etc,. For this i don't know whom i should blame. The Google should take some actions against these type of things or else the public should be aware of these things. But no one is caring about this. Here i will list out some links so please check it out,

So be careful before doing any thing in Orkut, at the same time don't give your contacts to any unknown person.

Orkut Alert!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The word Love: Does it mean anything to you?

Recently I came across a story that, to me, seemed to leap from the page and shout aloud about the true meaning of love. I have reproduced it here for us to have a rethink about this word that we have taken for granted for a long, long time.There was a young couple, Della and Jim, who were very much in love. Each had one unique possession. Della's hair was her glory. When she let it down it almost served her as her robe. Jim, on the other hand, had a gold watch which had come to him from his father and which was his pride.
It was the day before Christmas, and Della had exactly one dollar eighty seven cents to buy Jim a present. She did the only thing she could do. She went out and sold her hair for twenty dollars. And with the proceeds she bought a platinum fob for Jim's precious watch.

Jim came home at night, when he saw Della's shorn head he stopped as if stupefied. It was not that he did not like it or did not love her anymore. She was lovelier than ever. Slowly he handed her his gift. His gift was a set of expensive tortoise-shell combs and he had sold his gold watch to buy them for her.Each had given the other all he or she had to give. Real love cannot think of any other way to give.

This, I think, is the true meaning of love: Giving your best for the benefit of another person without asking what you'll get out of it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

India : Is it the garbage for west?

In recent years, one critical problem is continuously giving the headache India. It’s none other than "The garbage dumping in India by West". Now days these types of things are increased so much. The west is not only using India, but they are also using other countries namely Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on as their dumping ground to dump the waste from their countries. These wastes are very harmful to human beings. But without caring about those things some countries from west are involved in these types of careless matters. No one is taking responsibility for this.

If they are doing like this means, I don’t know how dare the respective officials from here are allowing these things to enter into our country. Why they are not caring about others? So the countries from west are just wants to keep their countries clean and neat. They won’t care about other countries welfare, right? Our country should take some strict actions to avoid these types of incidents in future and should try to protect the public from it.

What you people think about this?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

World : Nude Beach

While i was checking the, i saw this news. The thing that we are going to discuss here is Nude Beach in California. Because of some problems like sexual harassment, they are going to make the clothing compulsory in that beach. In countries like India and so on, many people won't like these things because of cultural constraints and so many practical problems. I don't know what others think about this issue. Now my questions are,

Do you all think that this kind of things in public places will make others to feel in a wrong way, which in turn will stimulate them to get involved in wrong doings?

Do you all like these kind of public places to hang on?

Is it needed?

Watch this video. See what they are saying...

Don't forget to comment in my previous post. I want suggestions from you people to improve my blogging. So don't miss it....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Selerines World - What's your suggestion?

Selerines World

It was almost three months over, that my blog was started. From the day i have started blogging, i tried so many things in different way to achieve uniqueness in this blogging world. But i don't know to much extent i have achieved my goals. Still i am desperately searching for the different things which will put me in a better position in this blogging world. Through this period, i have faced so many criticisms from all the directions. At the same time, i got so many appreciations from many sides which helped me a lot to try out the things in a unique way.

Here i want you people to tell some suggestions in order to improve "Selerines World". Please share any thing frankly here whether its good or bad.

Thank you to all of you!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

World : Global Warming - Big Threat to us!

I don't how much importance you people are going to give for this topic. Any way fine we will try to share our views about this main and critical issue that the whole world is facing now. It's none other than Global Warming. To say frankly, i really don't know what are the steps that my country has taken till now to reduce the global warming. Even though if they put some rules for the public, these people are not going to hear into those things. Because any way they are not going to care for this. This is what really existing here.

Our world was so much affected by Global Warming. As we all know, it was caused by so much pollution, deforestation and so on. No one is showing any interest towards this issue. One sad thing is even the world's many important countries are not ready to sign the agreement to get rid of Global Warming.

I know it's hard to get rid of it. Then you people tell which will be the alternative and correct solution for this problem. At the same time, i want my fellow foreign bloggers to share the things about the steps that are taken by their respective countries.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

World : Bribe for everything....... When this will change?

Here I am going to discuss a much-needed topic for today’s society. I am straight away entering into the subject. The first thing is in my country(India), bribe was spread all over the country. From all the government offices to small sectors it was there. It’s hard to get a job finished from government offices without bribe. Here I will list out some of the worst things in my country,

i.) Accepting bribes in Govt. hospitals for doing Pregnancy and other Critical Operations.
ii.) Accepting bribes at traffic signals and leaving all the culprits.
iii.) Accepting bribes in all the Govt. offices to get a job done.
iv.) To give a College/University seat accepting bribes.
v.) For getting license, passport etc, accepting bribes.

And so on…………………………… This post is not enough to list out all the things here. Here I listed out 0.1%. Still lot more there.

I don’t know whether these things are happening only in our country or all over the world. You people just share your views here about this and answer this question.

Who is responsible for this?

a.) Public who are ready to give bribe.

b.) People who are asking bribes for everything.

When this will change?

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