Saturday, February 28, 2009

** India-NZ second T20

Same result....... Again Kiwis hammered the Indians in the second T20 at Wellington. The same man has caused the problems to Indians, yes he is none other than Brendon McCullum. He played such a impressive knock in this match and kept the match alive till the last over. From Indians point of view Sehwag, Yuvi played well and gave a nice start to the match. But others players failed to capitalize in their innings and in turn it affected the team score. In the last four overs Indians came back in the match through the spectacular over from Irfan Pathan. He took 2 consecutive wickets in his third over. But he too failed to bring the win for India in the last over. Anyway this is such a nice match and entertainment for all of us. We will wait till March 3 and wait and see what Indians going to do in ODI format.

See ya...

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

** India-NZ first T20

I hope that everyone of you enjoyed the first T20 between the rockstars Indians and Blackcaps. Its such a interesting match with full of competition from both the teams. This is such a nice start for this tour. Both the teams have really played well and put a nice end to all of our expectations as per to first T20, but still so much is waiting for all cricket lovers.

In this first T20 Sehwag found his spot to hit shots, but failed to capitalize his innings, Yousuf Pathan too the same thing happened. But as per batting we take, Indians have not shown such a nice impression apart from Raina, Sehwag and Yusuf. In bowling department Bhaji and Zaheer bowled really well. Kiwis too batted really well under the lights of Taylor, Mcullum, Oram and Guptil. Anyway its really a very good entertainment for all of us. Let us wait for sometime and will enjoy the second T20 too...

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

** Happy Birthday Siva

By a Special Person :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

** Jai Ho A R !!!

CONGRATS A R you deserve it...
Rahman speech at Oscars

“All my life I’ve had a choice between hate and love, and I chose love, and now I’m here,” said Rahman. “There is a dialogue from an old Hindi film - “Mere paas ma hai” - which means I have nothing but a mother. My mother is here, I have her blessings. I am glad she could be here,” said Rahman.

Finally he said in Tamil, "God is Great and all credit goes to God"... It's such a nice feeling to experience for all of us. We should feel proud of him...

Keep ongoing A R!!!

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** 81st Oscar Awards - Slumdog Rocks

The Indian based movie Slumdog Millioaire has rocked the entire world and filled the red carpet with full of Indian legs. Children who used to live in Slums here in India, just went and rocked the LA Oscar awards. The movie is such a fantastic one to watch and worthy too. It is not possible to find even a single mistake in the whole film. The highlight of the movie is my favorite music composer A R Rahman, who just gave a different meaning to the music through his new way of music style. Now we will see the list of award that was bagged by Slumdog Millinoair at the Oscars,
List of Oscars won by "Slumdog Millionaire":

  • Best Picture
  • Best director - Danny Boyle
  • Best original song- A R Rahman and Gulzar
  • Best original score - A R Rahman
  • Best adapted screenplay - Simon Beaufoy
  • Best cinematography - Anthony Dod Mantle
  • Best sound mixing - Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul Pookutty
  • Best editing - Chris Dickens

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Friday, February 20, 2009

** Will Indians hammer the Kiwis?

Indians are not having good cricket history, if we take their past New Zealand tours into account. It is due to many reasons like weather conditions their in NZ, pitch conditions and many more. But this upcoming New Zealand tour in such an historic one, since both the teams are in very good form, so we can expect so much of fight among these two countries in cricket field. Under the captainship of Dhoni, team India has been emerged as a new team and it is in very good form too. New Zealand too is not that far bad, when comapred to India. Like India did in Australia to australians, Kiwis too gave good fight to the australians. Anyway this tour seems to be very interesting for both the teams. Under the lights of Sehwag, Yuvraj, Ishant, Dhoni, Gautham, Zaheer and many more Indians are going to hammer the Kiwis, that's for sure. Will they do it?

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** Effects of drinking alcohol

Effects of drinking alcohol
In this hectic world we all are working hard for money, because the reason is without money we can’t spend our life peacefully and happily. However, even today many people without knowing the value of money, they are wasting by getting addicted into bad habits. Among it drinking is such bad habit, which is destroying every one’s life that are addicted to it. So in this post we will see the effects of drinking and the causes of it. It will help them to change their mind and make them lead a free and happy life. The habit of drinking alcohol may cause several effects in a human body. To say in other words it is just like a slow poison, because it kills us day by day when we consume it. Therefore, if you prefer to drink slow poison by buying it on your own money, then it is your fate.
Drinking alcohol is very dangerous to our health and to our body. The alcohol consumption into our body will cause so many problems to us. It affects us in both the physical and psychological forms. Physical effects include stomach and intestinal problems, poor diet and weight loss, Liver problems such as swelling, Pain in the side or back from kidney problems, ulcers, blackouts, insomnia, nausea, shaking, delirium tremens etc. and psychological effects include nervousness, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, learning difficulties, memory difficulties, impaired judgment, shame and guilt etc.
After the alcohol consumption, it will get mixed in our blood and make us to behave abnormally. We never mind what we are doing and what we are speaking. When it comes to drinking at work, alcohol has big consequences. Employees with alcohol problems produce at least 10% less work than their colleagues. Thus alcohol affects our normal health condition and our daily life schedule.
I hope that this article help you all a lot to know the bad effects of alcohol consumption. The drinking habit not only spoils our health, it also affects the whole family. The reason is the alcoholic mindset will urge you to do things without any knowledge about it. It is also said that moderate alcohol use protects against cardiovascular diseases. But these points show that there was not much profit to us while we drink alcohol, but the defects are about thousands and thousands. So keep the effects of drinking in mind and stop drinking alcohol.


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** How to stop drinking alcohol??

How to stop drinking alcohol
We all know that drinking alcohol is very dangerous to our health. But, even knowing this many of us are still drinking alcohol. This is due to the fact that it gives some type of happiness to us at that time. But we are not thinking about the consequences that will happen in the future. Thinking about this before drinking alcohol will surely make you not to drink it. We can easily able to stop drinking alcohol at the starting stage. But how can one stop drinking it, who was a chain drinker for years.
Those who are having a strong will power can stop drinking it very easily. But others should struggle and suffer a lot to stop drinking alcohol. Will power alone is not enough to stop one from drinking. They need to work out what are their risky situations, what are their triggers that make them want to drink? Some of these can be avoided, so they should make plans as to how they can avoid them. For those that clearly can’t be avoided, should have to start thinking about how they can deal with them differently. Thus they should follow a pattern to completely stop drinking alcohol. Lot of work should be done to stop drinking it.
Some of them who think that they cannot able to stop drinking alcohol can consult the doctor and take the medicines that he prescribes. Thus it makes them to stop drinking it. The medicine makes the drinkers to hate the smell of alcohol, so making them easily to stop drinking alcohol.
By knowing that drinking alcohol is very hazardous to our health, we should stop drinking it. Drinking a sip of alcohol will reduce a day in your lifetime. Thus count that how many days you have wasted by drinking alcohol. Those who can’t able to suddenly stop drinking alcohol can stop it by reducing it slowly day by day.
If you have tried to stop or control your drinking and found that you could not, you are probably alcoholic. If you continue to drink despite suffering consequences such as loss of family, friends, property, job or privileges, you are probably an alcoholic.
So, all the drinkers should stop drinking alcohol either on their own, or by consulting a doctor. If they continue drinking then their life is not on their hands. Those who had started to drink should stop it now itself, because prevention is better that cure.


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

** Effects of drinking alcohol

Effects of drinking alcohol
Doing a bad thing will really and surely have a bad result. Like that drinking alcohol will surely affect our body and also our family and our society too… Thus those who are drinking should know the effect of drinking it. So it will help them to change their mind and make them lead a free and happy life. Drinking alcohol may have several effects in a human body. It is like a slow poison, thus it kills us very slowly. Slowly in mean that it will kill the man after 3 or 4 years. Thus if you prefer to drink slow poison by buying it on your own money, then it is said to be your fate.
Effects of drinking alcohol will be too dangerous and hazardous to our health. The effects include both physical and psychological. Physical effects include stomach and intestinal problems, poor diet and weight loss, Liver problems such as swelling, Pain in the side or back from kidney problems, ulcers, blackouts, unable to remember drinking episodes, insomnia, nausea, shaking, delirium tremens etc. and psychological effects include nervousness, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, learning difficulties, memory difficulties, impaired judgment, shame and guilt etc.
Thus to avoid these effects we should stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol plays an important role in aggression. 40% of all incidents involving aggression occur while under the influence of alcohol. The police spend 22% of their time on cases involving alcohol. Violence on the streets and domestic violence while under the influence of alcohol happen often. When it comes to drinking at work, alcohol has big consequences. 13% of all employees on sick leave have alcohol problems. Employees with alcohol problems produce at least 10% less work than their colleagues. Thus the list of effects on drinking alcohol goes on increasing in all fields. Thus avoiding alcohol may avoid these problems.
To stop drinking it we can take many steps like meditation, yoga and so on. Thus diverting their mind from drinking to any other work may help them to stop drinking alcohol.
Even though the alcohol is giving some positive effects like getting livelier, easier and relaxed, talking more easily and feeling less tired, it is not good for our health if we drink it more. It is also said that moderate alcohol use protects against cardiovascular diseases. But these points show that there was not much profit to us while we drink alcohol, but the defects are about thousands and thousands. So keep the effects of drinking in mind and stop drinking alcohol.

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** Team India's New Jersey

Indian Cricket team is touring New Zealand and playing 2 T20's, 5 one dayer's and 3 test matches. As cricket lover's, we got really bored to see the men in blue in old jersey. But now the team realized that it's time for the change and they had a change. Indian team is looking so cool in their new jersey. We hope that Indian Team will retain its best form in New Zealand tour too.
Check below for the India-New Zealand tour schedule...




Wed 25 Feb (D/N)

12:30 PM

1st T20I - India v New Zealand

AMI Stadium, Christchurch

Fri 27 Feb (D/N)

12:30 PM

2nd T20I - India v New Zealand

Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Tue 3 Mar (D/N)

07:30 AM

1st ODI - India v New Zealand

McLean Park, Napier

Fri 6 Mar (D/N)

07:30 AM

2nd ODI - India v New Zealand

Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Sun 8 Mar (D/N)

07:30 AM

3rd ODI - India v New Zealand

AMI Stadium, Christchurch

Wed 11 Mar (D/N)

07:30 AM

4th ODI - India v New Zealand

Seddon Park, Hamilton

Sat 14 Mar (D/N)

07:30 AM

5th ODI - India v New Zealand

Eden Park, Auckland

Wed 18 – Sun 22 Mar

04:00 AM

1st Test - India v New Zealand

Seddon Park, Hamilton

Thu 26 – Mon 30 Mar

04:00 AM

2nd Test – India v New Zealand

McLean Park, Napier

Fri 3 – Tue 7 Apr

04:00 AM

3rd Test – India v New Zealand

Basin Reserve, Wellington

All the best INDIA

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zenni Optical in the New York Times

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Saturday, February 14, 2009


We all are working at least 9 hours in a day. So surely all will become tired and our mind will also feel depressed. Thus we need some rest to make our tension less. The only way for this is going for a vacation. Recently I have come up and discovered many places in town, but I found a new and wonderful in jamaica jamaica all inclusive vacations resorts are the best of the best. They offer such romantic vacations, for those who are newly med, fond of growing out with their family, having reunions; want to celebrate your most unforgettable occasion ever? Spend your time in bahamas all inclusive resorts and places in Nassau and Breezes Montego Bay all in more affordable price.
Many people prefer to go Jamaica and the nearby locations such as bahamas resorts in order to spend their holidays in a peaceful manner. Inclusive yet light – hearted resort in Jamaica!! Encourage you to spend your unforgettable vacation ever.
These resorts will surely help us all to relieve our depression. So try theses resorts and get relieved from your tension. Bahamas resorts are full of 24/7 fun, Thus visiting this resorts at least once, will make us to visit it once again.
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** Human Rights – Does it really exist in India?

Human Rights – Does it really exist in India?
From our childhood day onwards our parents taught us things such as we should give respect to our elders, we should consider each and every individual as equal, and we should not differentiate any one based on anything. But according to me all these things are only sleeping in books and not really existing in our day today practical life. This is what true as far as considering India. As a blogger who is willing to change things here In India, I am writing this post with some hopes that whole India will stand with me based on the things that I am going to share here.
One of the worst things that we can see here in India is many people doesn’t know how to give respect to others in public, especially to elders. Among the whole population, half of its proportion is being affected due to caste system, no equal rights and so on. Here people are separating them from others based on Castes, Money, kind of work each individual is doing and so on. From my point of view here many are not getting equal rights as like others are getting. If you have money in India you can do anything… This is what existing here and this is what true. The person who is having money does any criminal thing in the country means; he/she can come easily out of it, but if the same thing has been done by some other normal individual means, that’s it. That is the end of his/her life according to the kind of practice that we are having here.
See here all are human beings and all should get equal respect, rights and so on as like others are getting. Why should we divide ourselves based on Caste system, Religion, Work, Money, and Status? This is not fair; no one is having the rights to achieve one thing, by discriminating other individuals. The kind of things that we are seeing here in India really makes us to think about a question,
Human Rights – Does it really exist in India?
What you all feel about this question? Does it really exist?

Caribbean Vacations

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Gourmet bulk coffee

Coffee drink is a kind of thing which will give us more refreshment than anything else, because of various reasons like its taste, aroma, its nature, making and so on. When we drink a cup of coffee will get so much of refreshment and will start to work for more time when compared to other days. But at the same time when we used to drink more amount of coffee, then we should keep an eye on spending the amount of money on it. So if we buy in bulk amount then we can save more money through it.

Buying best gourmet coffeeis pretty cool because you can actually see them grind the beans, or grind the beans yourself, right there in the store. discount bulk coffee, whether they are of a variety or a gourmet blends, make great gifts for the coffee lovers as you can generally be assured that the person will use the gift. So many companies are available in the market, as well as in the internet to buy bulk coffee beans in bulk amounts. But recently I came across a retailer named a gourmet one, large retailers, the supermarket, or online. There are an ever increasing number of coffee is to choose from. This makes buying bulk coffee convenient and easy as well as letting the consumer pick whichever coffee he or she chooses Bulk coffee makes an outstanding gift for anyone you know that as a coffee lover and you would like to show your appreciation to them for whatever reason.

Bulk coffee is a great option for the coffee lover and one cup a day drinker as well as it saves money, can come in a gourmet variety, ensures freshness, and the coffee will last. It is such a useful thing for us to get the coffee from this largest retailer of coffee in the market. So I suggest them a lot, just try them out and make use of t heir best services.

** Do not addict to alcohol!!!

Addiction of alcohol means that it is a state in which one relies on alcohol for normal functioning and develops physical dependence, as in drug addiction. Thus getting addicted to alcohol is very dangerous to our health and mind too. How we can know that we are addicted to alcohol? There are some symptoms which help us to know that whether we are addicted to alcohol or not.

Symptoms of addiction to alcohol

There are several symptoms in the case of addiction to alcohol. These include failed attempts to control the alcohol use, usage of alcohol more frequently and in higher doses than planned, continuing to use alcohol even if we know it is damaging for us, Anxiety, restlessness, Elevated blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration etc. Thus if you come through these symptoms it is sure that, you are addicted with alcohol. Recovering from Addiction of alcohol is very difficult than any other difficult work. Thus if you are addicted to alcohol then no one can help you to recover from it. Those who have a strong will power can only able to recover from it. Thus be sure that you are not addicted to alcohol.

How to help one to recover from alcohol addiction?

We should not react in a bad manner, with those who are addicted with alcohol. His family should help him to recover from it and his friends should be like a pillar for them and help them to stand stiff in their life. Those who are addicted by alcohol should practice yoga and meditation. They can also go for counseling to a doctor and can take the medicines that he prescribes. We can also make them to eat the medicines by mixing them into the food that they eat, thus they eat the medicines without their knowledge. Thus there are many ways to make one to recover from the addiction of alcohol. Thus if you are addicted to alcohol, then you should recover from it in anyway. After addicted to alcohol, thinking about recovery is really madness. So be sure that you are not addicted to alcohol.
Since alcohol is very dangerous to health, no one likes to become addicted on it. But because due to some unavoidable reasons some will become addicted to it. So his family and friends should help him to recover from alcohol addiction. Thus all should be very supportive to one who is addicted to alcohol.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Glazes for Ceramics & Pottery

Getting our own house with all kinds of facilities is such a nice thing to feel in our life time. But at the same time making that house with full of valuable things is another kind of art and creativity. By keeping some ceramics and pottery things in our house, we can make it more attractive to see by others. In order to do this, we should get quality kilns from a branded concern. I saw a best place in internet named AMACO/Brent, which is a firm that has been manufacturing high quality kilns for many years. Some of the kilns provided by are Fine Art Kilns, Metal Enameling Kilns, Excel Kilns and more. They also offer texturing tools and high fire glazes. These AMACO/Brent kilns are designed to withstand any temperature conditions and to deliver maximum performance. The site features a lot of pottery equipment and mold for use with clay products. AMACO/Brent supports the teacher program facilities and various other art programs which help the students to achieve free project library through the class room experience. AMACO also provides other ceramic tools and products to the project. The available quality tools are applied with under various glazes like liquid glazes, non-toxic glazes, glaze chalk and many more, in order to achieve quality brushes in various sizes and styles. Brushes are designed with specific dimensions with finished edges. The best part is that AMACO sells only kilns that are of high standards. Visit the website for more detailed information.

Molds for Ceramics & Pottery

If you want to all of your creativity and desires and to make a thing means, then clay is the best one that you should use. Since clay is a kind of material using, which we can do many kind of attractive things. It is not such a easy task to do this job, because of we want to do this job in perfect way, then we should get correct amount of guidance from a organization. So if you have some creativity in clay modeling then AMACO/Brent will be the right place for you to visit and to improve your creativity thinking in this field. It is a great source and place for all creative people with a community of teacher and artists who have the ability to express their views with the clay. In order to perform our work in a correct manner and in perfect way, they provide quality us different kinds of Brushes, Tools & Supplies like polymer clay push molds, drape molds, hump molds etc which will surely fit with your needs. Their new 2009 catalog focus on art education and you can learn more than 572 different high and low fire lead free glazes and under glazes. Their new Brent wheel products are fully made from recycled materials which 100% safe to the environment. So, to know more about AMACO/Brent products just visit their site today. It is such a nice place to improve our creativity in ceramics and pottery field. So make use of it and improve yourselves.

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