Friday, February 20, 2009

** How to stop drinking alcohol??

How to stop drinking alcohol
We all know that drinking alcohol is very dangerous to our health. But, even knowing this many of us are still drinking alcohol. This is due to the fact that it gives some type of happiness to us at that time. But we are not thinking about the consequences that will happen in the future. Thinking about this before drinking alcohol will surely make you not to drink it. We can easily able to stop drinking alcohol at the starting stage. But how can one stop drinking it, who was a chain drinker for years.
Those who are having a strong will power can stop drinking it very easily. But others should struggle and suffer a lot to stop drinking alcohol. Will power alone is not enough to stop one from drinking. They need to work out what are their risky situations, what are their triggers that make them want to drink? Some of these can be avoided, so they should make plans as to how they can avoid them. For those that clearly can’t be avoided, should have to start thinking about how they can deal with them differently. Thus they should follow a pattern to completely stop drinking alcohol. Lot of work should be done to stop drinking it.
Some of them who think that they cannot able to stop drinking alcohol can consult the doctor and take the medicines that he prescribes. Thus it makes them to stop drinking it. The medicine makes the drinkers to hate the smell of alcohol, so making them easily to stop drinking alcohol.
By knowing that drinking alcohol is very hazardous to our health, we should stop drinking it. Drinking a sip of alcohol will reduce a day in your lifetime. Thus count that how many days you have wasted by drinking alcohol. Those who can’t able to suddenly stop drinking alcohol can stop it by reducing it slowly day by day.
If you have tried to stop or control your drinking and found that you could not, you are probably alcoholic. If you continue to drink despite suffering consequences such as loss of family, friends, property, job or privileges, you are probably an alcoholic.
So, all the drinkers should stop drinking alcohol either on their own, or by consulting a doctor. If they continue drinking then their life is not on their hands. Those who had started to drink should stop it now itself, because prevention is better that cure.


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