Saturday, February 14, 2009

** Human Rights – Does it really exist in India?

Human Rights – Does it really exist in India?
From our childhood day onwards our parents taught us things such as we should give respect to our elders, we should consider each and every individual as equal, and we should not differentiate any one based on anything. But according to me all these things are only sleeping in books and not really existing in our day today practical life. This is what true as far as considering India. As a blogger who is willing to change things here In India, I am writing this post with some hopes that whole India will stand with me based on the things that I am going to share here.
One of the worst things that we can see here in India is many people doesn’t know how to give respect to others in public, especially to elders. Among the whole population, half of its proportion is being affected due to caste system, no equal rights and so on. Here people are separating them from others based on Castes, Money, kind of work each individual is doing and so on. From my point of view here many are not getting equal rights as like others are getting. If you have money in India you can do anything… This is what existing here and this is what true. The person who is having money does any criminal thing in the country means; he/she can come easily out of it, but if the same thing has been done by some other normal individual means, that’s it. That is the end of his/her life according to the kind of practice that we are having here.
See here all are human beings and all should get equal respect, rights and so on as like others are getting. Why should we divide ourselves based on Caste system, Religion, Work, Money, and Status? This is not fair; no one is having the rights to achieve one thing, by discriminating other individuals. The kind of things that we are seeing here in India really makes us to think about a question,
Human Rights – Does it really exist in India?
What you all feel about this question? Does it really exist?


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