Friday, February 20, 2009

** Effects of drinking alcohol

Effects of drinking alcohol
In this hectic world we all are working hard for money, because the reason is without money we can’t spend our life peacefully and happily. However, even today many people without knowing the value of money, they are wasting by getting addicted into bad habits. Among it drinking is such bad habit, which is destroying every one’s life that are addicted to it. So in this post we will see the effects of drinking and the causes of it. It will help them to change their mind and make them lead a free and happy life. The habit of drinking alcohol may cause several effects in a human body. To say in other words it is just like a slow poison, because it kills us day by day when we consume it. Therefore, if you prefer to drink slow poison by buying it on your own money, then it is your fate.
Drinking alcohol is very dangerous to our health and to our body. The alcohol consumption into our body will cause so many problems to us. It affects us in both the physical and psychological forms. Physical effects include stomach and intestinal problems, poor diet and weight loss, Liver problems such as swelling, Pain in the side or back from kidney problems, ulcers, blackouts, insomnia, nausea, shaking, delirium tremens etc. and psychological effects include nervousness, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, learning difficulties, memory difficulties, impaired judgment, shame and guilt etc.
After the alcohol consumption, it will get mixed in our blood and make us to behave abnormally. We never mind what we are doing and what we are speaking. When it comes to drinking at work, alcohol has big consequences. Employees with alcohol problems produce at least 10% less work than their colleagues. Thus alcohol affects our normal health condition and our daily life schedule.
I hope that this article help you all a lot to know the bad effects of alcohol consumption. The drinking habit not only spoils our health, it also affects the whole family. The reason is the alcoholic mindset will urge you to do things without any knowledge about it. It is also said that moderate alcohol use protects against cardiovascular diseases. But these points show that there was not much profit to us while we drink alcohol, but the defects are about thousands and thousands. So keep the effects of drinking in mind and stop drinking alcohol.


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