Wednesday, February 25, 2009

** India-NZ first T20

I hope that everyone of you enjoyed the first T20 between the rockstars Indians and Blackcaps. Its such a interesting match with full of competition from both the teams. This is such a nice start for this tour. Both the teams have really played well and put a nice end to all of our expectations as per to first T20, but still so much is waiting for all cricket lovers.

In this first T20 Sehwag found his spot to hit shots, but failed to capitalize his innings, Yousuf Pathan too the same thing happened. But as per batting we take, Indians have not shown such a nice impression apart from Raina, Sehwag and Yusuf. In bowling department Bhaji and Zaheer bowled really well. Kiwis too batted really well under the lights of Taylor, Mcullum, Oram and Guptil. Anyway its really a very good entertainment for all of us. Let us wait for sometime and will enjoy the second T20 too...

See ya!!!!


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