Monday, March 2, 2009

** I am the real follower of Shiva - Aghori

Third Eye of Shiva

This content is not suitable for weak hearted persons and children. So reader discretion is requested...

Now in this post we will see about a more controversial thing in India, Aghoris. So many interesting points are there to read out about them like Who are they? Why they call them as real followers of Lord Shiva? What's their ultimate aim? and many more. Aghoris worship lord Shiva according to them everything in this world are created from "Brahman" and nothing can be impure and everything in this universe is god itself and pure as god itself.

Aghoris are the part of Hinduism sannyasins, who lives around the banks of river Ganga. They usually they call them as worshipers of third eye of Shiva. Usually they cover themselves with the ashes that comes from the burning of dead bodies and the hair and beard are grown to long lengths. Since many of the hindus believes that the river ganges is having the power of purifying the human. So many of them immerse the dead bodies of the human beings in to river and therefore that person will get Moksha. The dead bodies may be not fully burned or cremenated.

The dead bodies which are immersed in water usually flow downstream. The Aghoris are settled in such places. Aghoris wait for days on end for a dead body to flow downstream. Once they spot one, they jump in to take hold of the body. Usually the Aghoris operate as single. The body is brought ashore. The items for an elaborate pooja are set. The divine lamp is shined. Now, the Aghori will proceed to sit on the stomach of the dead body. The chantings will start. After this elaborate ritual starts the gory part. The Aghori takes a knife and cuts the body parts one by one. Then he proceeds to bite off and eat it.

What you say about this?


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