Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hosted TFS

Do you have any business related to IT, and then you must visit the site phase2.com. Software as a service or SAAS in short, allows solutions ready for you within hours. And all member of your team can easily access it from anywhere around the globe. All you have to worry about is an internet access. Luckily and fortunately, software as a service tfs efficient management is now available to all businesses, may it be a small or medium one. If your company utilizes a hosted team foundation server, you can spend less than 80% of the total costs when you use hosted tfs. It is made possible through fewer investments in software and hardware and also some related problems. PHASE 2 International offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you later realize that you are not happy with their service. The site is designed very well and so that we can easily retrieve any kind of information from them very easily. The things that should also be noted are that there are no set up fees for tfs hosting, the costs are very affordable and you can integrate it with the other hosted products you have purchased. So I hope that Phase2 will help each and every one who is willing to start an IT company without enough amount of money in their hands. So try this site and make use of it in a better way for your business.

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