Friday, December 26, 2008

** Free Hugs from A R Rahman

My favorite Music Director, the Music legend A R Rahman has launched his yet an another album to promote The Free Hugs message all over the world.The album is pictured in such a way that all of us should try ourselves to show our love with others. We should not hate anyone at any cost. each and every human being must live for others happiness. If we join our hands together, then nothing can beat us.

Jiya se Jiya a song by AR Rahman,a film by Kanika Myer. The film is inspired by Juan Manns Free Hugs campaign, and shot across the major cities of India with real people. Nothing was staged except the filming with AR Rahman.

Music has the ability to transcend all barriers — linguistic, regional and religious — and AR Rahman’s new, non filmi musical offering proves that once again. Deeply disturbed by the recent terror attacks and the fact that religion is being used by some divisive factions to de-stabilise the country, Rahman has teamed up with his long-time pal, percussionist Sivamani and Universal Music to create a song titled Jiya Se Jiya that promotes unity among people irrespective of their class, caste or religion.

It is not his first effort to pay a tribute to India and her sovereignty. Rahman’s Maa Tujhe Salaam, like Jiya Se Jiya, had no stars in it but had touched the hearts of the countrymen. Rahman says, “In today’s age, a song like Jiya Se Jiya becomes even more relevant as it spreads the message of embracing everyone irrespective of their region, religion or language.”

So we all should live together and we should not fight with each other because of reasons like Religion, caste and so on.

Do you wanna listen to the song? Don't go anywhere, check this out...

Live for us, Live for Peace!!!


Stefano said...

Hi!..really appreciate this post and I really liked the video of the tranmits a message that nobody all around the world should forget! you know whether it is possible to find the translation in English of the lyrics?

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