Wednesday, December 31, 2008

** 2009: I am planning for...

is aiming for many things in the year 2009. My ultimate aim from my childhood onwards is to start a company in the name Selerines. I think this is the correct time for it. In the year 2009 I planned many things, so as a first step I am entering into the Indian Share Market with some that I earned from blogging. By this time I should thank my friends for teaching me about blogging and so on. Blogging helped me a lot to learn many things in internet and in turn I got so many freelance jobs from many sites. I should thank my freelance job providers too for helping me a lot to earn some good money. Meanwhile I am going to concentrate in my business plans for the year 2010. So if I wanna achieve my goals by 2010, then I should start to work out the plans from 2009 itself. And that's what I am planning too!! Hope that everything will go fine for me with all of your blessings.

So what's your plan?


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