Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ways to improve your website traffic - Part 2

Continuation of Part 1...

3. Viral Infection

Looking for an easy way to reach millions of potential customers? Well if you apply some original thought you might just get that to happen. There can't be many of us who haven't been forwarded a hilarious/obscene/violent email from friends that you've instinctively then forwarded on to a handful of your confidants who might appreciate the link. Well imagine if you were the bright spark who came up with the original idea, whether that be an amusing celebrity bit of tittle tattle, a mobile phone video of your cat dumping in the neighbours porch or some other easily spread example of idiocy at large, providing theres some kind of link back to your website then you could very well see your website traffic going through the roof.

4. Free Sex! (T&C's apply)

What's the one word guaranteed to get internet users instant attention? No, we weren't talking about SEX despite the attention grabbing headline - although that does of course rank pretty high - we are refering to the word FREE. Free downloads, free samples, free membership - you name it, as long as your website visitors are not paying for something then you can bet that slowly but surely the news will get round that there's something going begging down at your website and before you know it the cheapskates will be hot footing it over to join in the fun. Naturally once these skinflints have filled their pockets you can then forward them over to some of your other paid for services - not all of them will hang around but you should get a fair few who will kindly take you up on your offers (PS. Always remember to wear a condom and scrub well after every use)

5. Get out Your Wallet

So you've tried all the above and had less visitors per week than a down trodden B&B in Weston-Super-Mare. So what's to be done? Well when all else fails it's time to get out your wallet and head for our old muckers Google and make use of the best targeted website traffic money can buy - Adwords (we're not affiliated by Google by the way - though it doesn't hurt to grease the wheels now and again). You can set up an account and have an ad running within minutes. The vast majority of internet users are largely unaware that the list of websites on the right hand side and at the top of every Google search are paying each time someone inadvertantly clicks on them. The good thing about adwords is that you can turn it on and off depending on how busy or quiet you are and how much you are prepared to spend down to the penny. So the next time you get a call from someone saying they can guarantee getting your website to the top of Google within 24 hours for just a small fee of £99 you can tell them where to get off and do it yourself for free.

The End.


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