Saturday, March 27, 2010

Google Wave

Hi my dear bloggers,

I just want to tell something about the new product from Google called Google Wave. A new tool for the communication and chatting between our friends and groups. It is really cool and very good in the means of using it like GUI and some noticeable functionalities. We can chat with one or more friends using a single chat, through group chat itself we can do private chat, sharing photos, docs etc,. just by means of drag and drop. And at the same time, we can also chat with the person in his blog using Google Wave.
One beautiful thing is here after no need for us to see the irritating message 'XXX is typing', because the chats are live so if the person types there, here in your chat window you will get the live typing of messages. Like this so many functionalities are there which makes Google Wave always special in the internet market.

So try it and have FUN......


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