Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Live Eco Friendly

Being a friend to the environment is everybody's business. Here are some simple ways to give back to Mother Nature and lessen our impact to our surroundings.

We should never tire of giving each other eco tips and teaching everyone around us how simple going green can be. If everyone had the same mindset, that is to lessen our impact to the environment, we can all look forward to living in a healthier planet.

Here are the top 10 eco tips to living an eco-friendly life (and we promise that all of these are simple to do):

1. Use less plastic
Stay away from those ultra-convenient sandwich and shopping bags, and bring your own cloth bag or reusable grocery bags when doing your groceries. Resist the urge to buy new plastic cups for your upcoming party. Bring out the old glasses or go for paper cups.

2. Use less paper
When printing documents, do a print preview to be sure that you're only printing what you need. Use both sides of each page, or write on clean sides. Go for recycled tissue paper, these require less virgin pulp thus saving more trees. Think about using recycled paper when wrapping gifts, or do away with paper wrappers altogether.

3. Start taking public transport to work
Give up two days in the week to do so. Do a car pool with co-employees who live near you. This will save fuel costs and help reduce CO2 emissions. Remember, fewer cars on the road means less harmful emissions.

To be continued...


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