Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make your website appear on google - Part 4

Continuation of Part 3...

TWAT - They Want Another Try!

In todays climate it's vitally important to keep your website visitors both informed and entertained in order that they don't just hit the back button and leave your website for good. Google has recently implemented personal search whereby your own search keywords and phrases are stored in cookies on your computer so that Google can build up an idea of what interests you have and tailor search to give you results it thinks you might want to see. How is this going to help you get your website higher up on Google? Well, by keeping your visitors informed with regular updates and new features on your website, return visitors will be indexed and the longer visitors stay and browse through your website then incrementally your website is going to be viewed more favourably as a website worth showing up in the results that other folk might want to see. The idea then, is to keep them wanting more - offer online tools or regular giveaways, whatever you can to keep your visitors drooling with anticipation and coming back for more.

So there you have it in a handful of easy to remember acronyms - KISS, FECK, FOOL and TWAT. Now get out there and make yourselves useful.

The End.


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