Friday, March 5, 2010

Ways to improve your website traffic - Part 1

Even if you have little understanding of basic website coding there are some very simple procedures you can implement that can see your website traffic increase very quickly. Here we present the Top 5 simple ways you can improve your website traffic and see your website coming up top on the search engines...

1. Articulate Yourself

The very fact that you are reading this article itself is testament to the ongoing power of articles as a form of cost effective promotion. If you have a unique skill, whether that be reciting the combined works of seventies prog rockers Van de Graaf Generator backwards to fighten the kids or creating paper mache miniature farmyard animals then by golly, tell people about it. By writing about your specialist subject matter and distributing your articles online you are effectively setting yourself up as a guru and your article content will find a home on countless websites that are hungry to fill up their pages and offer their readers something of interest to read. The payback of course for diverging your vested knowledge is an increasing array of backlinks pointing to your website which will serve to reinforce the impression that you are one heavyweight dude/mutha in your respective field of expertese. If you can submit 1 article a week and that article is distributed to just 20 websites (although popular articles are often redistributed thousands of times) you can be looking at an additional minimum 1000 high quality backlinks every year.

2. Freshen Up

Keeping up to date fresh content on your website used to be a real grind until some bright spark developed RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) this allowed website owners the chance to converge other websites useful content and feed it into your own pages thus giving your boring old website a constant source of fresh stuff. The only problem with this of course is that when every website begins to carry the same source of digested news, what is going to make visitors come back to your website? Well, if you think that writing your own web content is a chore why not blog about it or tweet about it instead? Yes, by using your twitter and facebook updates live streaming on to your website you are effectively providing your followers with up to date witty information and freshening up your website content while simultaneously skiving off work. Put that in your pipe and smoke it the man!

To be continued...


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