Wednesday, April 15, 2009

** What is Multi-Level Marketing?-Chapter 1

Multi Level Marketing is also known as Network Marketing. It is a simple business model that allows the main company to market its products through public as referrals. So based on the amount of products that are sold through each individual in the business, the parent company will give some amount as compensation. The simple idea behind the MLM is, the public will represent the company's products in market and they distribute it. They will just act as distributors for the parent company, and then based on the volume that is sold through them; parent company will give a commission amount to them. In addition to this one person can add referrals under his/her membership. They may also gain more amount based on the volume that is sold by those members who are under our membership. If they sold some amount of products, then we will also gain some more money through commission.
To be continued...


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