Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pet accessories

Dogs are one of the most favorite pets of men. Almost every household has one, and they are treated like part of the family already. They protect the house, and are good companions also.
Dog owners take special care of their pets. They take them on regular trips to the veterinarian, give them vitamins, bathe them daily, and feed them at least twice a day. They also regularly clean their cages. Some even give them a pillow and blanket in their sleep.
Others go the extra mile, and accessorize their dogs also. They dress them up like a human, and groom them to look chic. They buy their dogs pieces of clothing that you would only commonly see worn by humans.
Some clothes commonly made for dogs to wear are bathrobes, harness dress, robes, full body suits, jackets, shirts, raincoats, coats, sweaters, beachwear, knits and vests. There are even dog apparels for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. They are not excluded in these special family occasions.
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