Wednesday, April 29, 2009

** Warming up-Chapter 4

Continuation of 3rd Chapter
Coming to the effects of Global warming on the environment and human life, they are numerous and varied. Rising sea levels, glacier retreat, arctic shrinkage, and the altered patterns of agriculture are some of the effects of global warming. With the earth's temperature getting warmer, ice masses melt and consequently, the sea level rises several feet. Arctic shrinkage is happening as a result of changes in the regional climate, and the climatic changes associated with agriculture are also some of the undesirable effects. The effects of global warming does not end here, there are indeed so many consequences - depletion of ozone layer, harmful radiations from the sun, extinction of species and so on. Meanwhile, Al Gore, the 45th vice-president of the United States and an environmental activist, has stated in his book 'The Inconvenient Truth' that the Earth is dashing towards an immensely warmer future. He has also illustrated the various reasons and also about the ill effects of global warming and its remedies.
To be continued...


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