Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Full of security

Today, people were afraid of terrorists due to some recent incidents happened in many part of the world. So government of every country is taking several steps to stop terrorism and make people to live in peace. In United States, all the airports have been dumped with tight security. Even some American airports are using whole body scanners at security checkpoints, which can penetrate people's clothing. The scanner has become a cause of concern, with reports suggesting that even underwear is visible in the scans. Passengers boarding planes are asked to remove metal items, jackets, and shoes before stepping into a small glass chamber. They then lift their arms over their heads for about three seconds before the scan. The sensors can detect part of the electromagnetic spectrum that emits energy from the body at wavelengths of one millimeter. Given that the energy from a human body is radiated at a higher rate than plastic, metal and ceramic, the unit can reveal those objects. The faces of the scanned passengers are blurred, and the images are not stored. Thus USA and also many other countries is taking many steps to control terrorist attacks. People should co-operate with the government to entirely vanish the terrorism.


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