Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring collection

The price tags on Liz Claiborne’s products may not scream “haute couture”, but make no mistake about it, when you purchase anything with the name Liz Claiborne on it; you have made a wise purchase.
Designer Isaac Mizrahi went for color and bright patterns as he launched the new spring collection with Liz Claiborne. To say that Isaac Mizrahi has revitalized Liz Claiborne would be an understatement. The majority of you loved his spring ad, so you'll fall head over heels for his Spring Look Book, too. The first thing it did for me was make me want to play around with color in an urgent way. Also, it made me realize the designer has the unique ability to make preppy and prissy look youthful and cool. Spring is a livelier season, thanks to Isaac!
The spring collection was priced in the moderate range, anywhere from around $40.00 to $100.00. The Liz Claiborne label became known worldwide for the good quality material the clothing was made from, the construction and color selection, clean silhouettes, but mostly for the comfortable fit.
Using the given link for a video, take an inside look at the events and Isaac’s new collections. For more information, visit


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