Saturday, April 11, 2009


Many of us like sweets very much. Especially cookies… It is loved by every one of us. We can also get closer to people by giving them sweets as gifts. Sometimes advertising or marketing departments need big brainstorms and long meetings just to decide what kind of gifts they will have to distribute to clients, reps, customers or sponsors. These people spend some hours sending ideas to the middle of the table and discussing if clients and other relations of the company will like the elaborate gifts that they will have to give. But sometimes it is so easy, the fastest way to get to people is very simple, just some sweets like nam's bits cookies that will leave a sweet taste to chocolate chips on the mouth and for sure will leave a good memory of your company. These nam's bits can be used for long time they have a shelf life of six months, perfect to some marketing campaigns, so you can change the look of your gifts often, and your clients and friends will always look at these gifts as new. The personalized chocolate chip cookies are very much loved by all of us. So buy them and try them at


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