Thursday, August 27, 2009

** New software of my own in my new company


Currently I am doing a search engine software project in my company apart from work. This software can be fully used to find solutions for server problems and can easily fix the server issues.
I am working in the project of famous world level petroleum company. Project is nice and work also fine, but not that much interesting for me :(. I hope that the software I am doing now is surely going to make a massive difference in my project and I am sure about it. The software that I am designing now is very secured and cannot be accessed outside the company network. I am proud to say this is the first project from my company named Selerines Technologies and Solutions Pvt. Ltd., but this project is yet to be joined in to my profile. I hope that this project will make a major difference in my life and for my ideas. Let me pray for it!!!


sreenivas said...

hey that's awesome. doing such things besides your work will get a center point of attraction and all the very best for your "Selerines Technologies and Solutions Pvt Ltd"-

Madhavan said...

That's great man ,In which language you develop this

rasitha said...

hey... nice to hear... all the best ya...

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