Sunday, August 9, 2009

** My new life in pune

Hi everybody, I hope that you all remember Selerines World for all of its controversial posts, comments, sizzling photos, critical questions and many more. Yeah that's nice to hear the answer 'Yes' from you all. Anyway again I am back to blogging after a long gap, but with my new laptop in pune. I just wanna share things with you about my new life in pune. Pune is such a nice place to live especially for the bachelors, I hope that you all can get what I am saying!! Here my work is going fine with loss of interest in job. For the bad thing is nothing is happened to me up to my desire. But still I am hoping that everything is for good cause. The first thing that I did is I bought the best HP laptop here, which is really good and satisfying my needs. The second thing is my shares are going fine and really giving me nice returns for the amount that I have invested so far. Its completely a new life for me in pune with change of environment, lifestyle, friends and everything :). Currently I am busy with one software design for my project and I hope that everything will go fine for me with this.

I need all of you again to be in touch with Selerines World. So stay here and let us keep on rocking!!!


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