Sunday, August 16, 2009

** Coventry hits 194

At last 12 years world record of highest ODI score has been equaled now by the Zimbabwean batsman Charles Coventry by his remarkable scoring of 194 from 156 balls with 16 fours and 7 sixes at a strike rate of 124.35. Before this he was really lucky to get two chances to stay in the crease when Bangladesh fielder Syed Rasel held on to a simple catch at deep square leg when Coventry was only 13 and when Coventry on 137 in the 44th over, the worst of the damage still to be done, Mahmudullah dropped a catch at square leg. Finally Zimbabwe scored 312 for 8 from 50 0vers. This is a remarkable achievement from him, because he equaled the 12 years which was previously held by Saeed Anwar (Pakistan) against India at Chepauk. Its such a nice entertainment for us to watch such a great innings from a batsman like him. He just hammedred everything across the ground and all Bangladesh bowlers have been wondering what to do to get his wicket. But everything got failed and finally he went onto win the race. Let us see who comes to break this and also we will how many years it is going to take.

Enjoy the cricket!!


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