Tuesday, November 25, 2008

**Please do help…

A friend of mine sent me a puzzling question on my phone yesterday and at the end of the puzzle, he wrote: If you are intelligent and genius, reply!

The question says:
“I am a word of five letters. People eat me. If you remove my first letter, I’ll be a form of energy. If you remove my first two letters, people will need me for a living. If you remove my first three letters, I’ll be near you. If you remove my first four letters, I’ll be a drink for you. Who am I?”

Can someone please help me answer this question?


RaSh said...

From the last part, you'll know that the last letter is T

So my guess would be Wheat (Though I dunno about the "at" part)


ROSILIE said...

too tired to think hehehe.tc my friend

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