Wednesday, November 12, 2008

** Obama: A Dream come True

The late American poet Langston Hughes may have foreseen the rise of an African American to the helm of the world’s most powerful country when he penned the powerful words encapsulated in the poem below (which was written many years ago).


Sleepy giant,
You’ve been resting awhile.
Now I see the thunder,
And the lightning,
In your smile.
Now I see the storm clouds,
In your waking eyes:
The thunder,
The wonder,
And the new surprise,
Your every step reveals,
The new stride,
In your thighs.

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Priya Joyce said...

hah! yeah its like a dream come true for many...and u've been posting so much abt him so for u too..

congrattz america..

a.i. editor said...

All I can say that it is a job well done for Obama.

Nika said...

I am glad he was nominated for president, although, my first choice was Clinton.

I was not too happy about the feud between the two as I believe they could have done a better job as a team.

prakash said...

All i can say is that now its black peoples turn...i like your blog that was quite interesting. i have already added you in my blog.if you dont mind add me in your link is

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