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** Mumbai Massacre 2008

In the last three days not only the Indians, people from all over the world are living the most unforgettable days in the world history. These three days are the black days in the Indian history. Yes, I hope that you people can get what I am trying to say through this post from the title itself. You all are right!!! Here I am going to discuss about the worst face of terrorism Mumbai Massacre 2008. By Thursday around 15 terrorists entered India(Mumbai) through some sea route and started to show their terror face at various places, then finally entered the famous hotels namely Taj and Oberoi. Many places have been hit by these worst attack in Mumbai like VT station, Nariman House and a hospital. So this seems to be a well planned game played by the terrorists against the Indians. But to say the truth Indians have failed to protect the citizens of India from the terror hands.

My point is if these terrorists are able to enter India with arms, grenades and so on means, then what the security officials are doing here? Here we should really have to question about the security system here. They attacked main places in Mumbai, so how far these important places are protected by our security system? Are we living safely in this country? Danger is every where, but if this continues means then what we are going to give for our future?

I assure you all the if this continues means, then surely we can only give one thing to our future. That is none other than "Terror World", then surely they won't live peacefully any where in this world.

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Full Story
According to Mumbai Police, a group of 12 terrorists came to Mumbai from Gujarat. They got into one of the many Gujarat Fisheries boats that come into Sasoon Dock.

From Sasoon Dock, they used an inflatable raft to enter Mumbai shores via Gateway of India. They dispersed from here in different directions. Many of them were part of multiple attacks.

The first attack occurred at the Leopold cafe at 9:15 pm on Wednesday night when five terrorists came at the cafe and opened fire.

At 9:20 pm, two men came on a scooter at Nariman house, near the Bootleggers Pub in Colaba and hurled grenade at a nearby petrol pump.

The grenade missed the petrol reservoir but destroyed the facade of station.

After hurling the grenade, the terrorists ran into Nariman House building behind petrol pump, which is a Jewish residential building. The terrorists murdered two people there.

A few terrorists then remained holed up silently for hours. They surfaced again in the morning and hold people hostage and the hostage drama still continues.

At 9:24 pm, another attack occurred at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus where two gunmen stormed in the station. They hurled hand grenades and fired at the people there.

Many were injured after the firing. The terrorists ran out in a short while.

At 9:30 pm, the Taj hotel and Apollo bunder witnessed a bloody attack when terrorists walked calmly through the service door of the Taj.

Terrorists stormed the hotel and opened fire. They also hurled grenades at the people. Many people were evacuated and rescued by firemen through the night.

However, according to reports, about 100 people are still trapped inside the Taj hotel. Major portions of the hotel have been destroyed by fire.

Meanwhile, two terrorists have reportedly dead inside the hotel; though some are still alive and fighting. The encounter is still continuing.

At 9:35 pm, Trident hotel came under attack when terrorists stormed the hotel.

Unknown number of people are still trapped inside the hotel. Sources have confirmed two gunmen inside but there could be more. The operation to flush out terrorists is on.

Meanwhile, two hotel staff and one security guard have been confirmed dead.

At 9.55 pm, a taxi blast rocked Vile Parle leaving three dead. The taxi's debris are lying around.

At 10.15 pm, the terrorists came outside the Cama & Albless hospital in a hijacked Skoda and fired randomly, both inside and outside the hospital.

After the Cama hospital encounter, the police sources have confirmed five people are dead including one police Inspector, two Constables and two watchmen.

The area has been evacuated and there is heavy police presence.

Apart from these, there were attacks outside the Metro cinema at 10.30 pm and at Wadi Bunder at 10.45 pm. In Wadi Bunder, there was a blast in a taxi in which 15-16 people were injured in the vicinity. The driver of the taxi is dead.

At the Girgaum Chowpatty area, two terrorists opened fire after police confronted them at 10:50 pm.

Both the terrorists were killed in the encounter. The police, later on, found two boats here laden with explosives.

When this will end?

Mumbai Massacre 2008 - It's hard to digest for all of us...

My sincere condolence to the brave hearts who lost their lives during these attacks and the hostages too.

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Mys Lyke Meeh said...

that guy in the picture, he really looks so young- he wasted his life,

is he dead?

and to all people who see his face, he's a killer!

Hari said...

Will never change. Much worried about why they are doing like this? And why my country is like this also much worried that you are going to mumbai in another 1 month.

a.i. editor said...

The terrorist look like a teenager.

Haylayp said...

It's really sad...I hope everything will be ok there soon....our prayers...

the donG said...

we really hope that the culprits will be captured.

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