Wednesday, October 15, 2008

** Selerines Group Answers Lawstude

In the comments section of my previous post about virginity my friend Lawstude says:

“Virginity should never be an issue at all. We need to marry the woman and not her vagina.”

Selerines Group says:

Lawstude, you are right (but only partly so). You say we marry a woman and not her vagina. Don’t you know that sex is one of the foundation blocks of marriage? So, previous sexual escapades can ruin a marriage if not handled carefully. You catch the drift?

You also say that this issue about the virginity status of a woman should not be an issue. Lawstude, do you know that there are some men who take it that a woman who is not a virgin (meaning that she has not “produced” blood during her first sexual experience with him) is not trustworthy and is therefore immoral. These guys should know that there are a number of reasons that would cause a woman not to produce blood during first sex other than previous sexual experience. Check some of the reasons here . {When you click on the link, scroll to the bottom of the post}

Some men take up arms in this issue, demanding to know the virginity status of their women, because they very well know that it would be hard for the woman to find out whether he is a virgin. Another thing, who else breaks the virginity of women other than men? So if virginity is an issue, then both men and women should be made to “feel the heat”.

Another thing, men enjoy the feeling of having conquered. So, to them, getting a virgin and being the first to break her virginity, gives them the feeling of triumph. Least do they think about the many lives they have shattered in their quest for this “triumphant feeling”.

In conclusion, I very well know that there are some chaste women (and men) out there who frown upon sexual intercourse before the opportune time (marriage). There are many men and women who “preserve” themselves for their future partners. If you are such a person out there, do not give up. Keep yourself for that man or woman and hopefully you’ll get someone who has been “preserving” himself or herself just for you.

- Richard


Linkinparkdiehardfan..Amy said...

oh my... that was harsh.. but im speechless... ive got no plans.. hahahaha

Share my point of view... said...

Pathetic. Your mindset is disgusting. Everybody deserves a second chance and you're practically suggesting only virgin female can/deserve to find soul mate. The same cannot be said of men, there is so far no conclusive way to know if a man is a virgin. So what rights do guys have to demand virgin soul mates or place it higher than love itself? Nor am I suggesting requesting a virgin wife is completely wrong. However, your arguments are weak. I'm not a religious person but I'm sure God will NEVER look down to anyone, moreover a lady for the sake of not being a virgin. Your statement of
"Another thing, men enjoy the feeling of having conquered." shows that you enjoy 'conquering' the weaker sex. Should you have respect to the opposite sex, or treat them as your equal, you shouldn't have uttered that in argument to Lawstude's reply. You also place sexual satisfaction and ego above anything else by stating that. I still believe true love is everything. Sure, at first the man will be in a complete state of denial but given that the lady provides a good and concrete reasoning for her actions, she should be given a second chance to prove her worth. You shouldn't love someone for his/her beauty or wealth; what more virginity. I believe in second chances. We're not God so how can we judge another person? Everyone is just as flawed, nobody's perfect so it's reasonably unfair to demand complete perfection in your life.
I hope the world has not come to a point whereby you're judged by your previous mistakes.
Lastly, your statement certainly shows what kind of person you are. I was expecting a better reply to Lawstude's statement but you seem to only shame yourself more by making bold statements.
Feel free to delete this. Ain't surprised if I don't see my reply because you have to feel 'triumph' by dissecting my words and making me seem like a second-grade person.

Do I sound like a slut? Up to you to decide. My cousin's getting REMARRIED next year and thank God her future husband is nothing like you. I guess you might think that my cousin shouldn't be married at all considering she's no longer a virgin...
I'm defending my cousin and every divorcees because they deserve the second chance of finding a true love.

Henry Kay said...

I'm sorry, but this is fricking ridiculous! Where I live, you'd be damned to find a married woman who was a virgin before she met her husband. Sex is okay to experiment with to an extent, as long as you feel that you have a deep enough relationship with the other person. Most adults who are together, whether they're married or not, have had sex. Something sexual your S/O did before they even met you should have no impact on your relationship, unless you are a complete asshole.

Selerines said...

@All : This post is not posted by Selerines. This was by an coauthor from Kenya. So I am waiting for his answer here.

Shawie said...

I was virgin when I met my fiancee (now hubby)... did I care? of course, I do... but that was my personal choice, a vow and we're all so different and I have nothing against ladies who were not virgin anymore...

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