Thursday, October 23, 2008

** Chandrayaan 1 - India's Mission To Moon


India has started their mission to moon through the successful launch of Chandrayan 1 on 21/10/2008. This is one of the very important moment in Indian history. This project has made a new revolution in the space field and it will enable many people to do many researches about Moon. This is the beginning for India's manned mission to moon. As a citizen of India I am really proud of this and I congratulate each and every one who contributed for this success.

Following are the missions to moon in the last two decades:

HITEN -- A project of the Japanese Space Agency was launched from the
Uchinaoura Space Center in Japan on 24th January 1990.

CLEMENTINE -- A joint project between the Strategic Defence Initiative Organisation and NASA, was launched from Vandenberg AFB aboard a Titan IIG rocket on 25th January 1994.

ASIASAT 3/HGS-1 -- A project funded by Asia Satellite Telecommunications co. Ltd (the Peoples Republic of China) and Pan American Satellite (United States) was launched from Tyuratam in Kazakhstan on 24th Dec 1997.

LUNAR PROSPECTOR -- was launched from the Kennedy Space Centre on 7th January 1998.

SMART 1 -- was launched from Kourou in French Guiana on 27th September 2003.

KAGUYA -- was launched from Tanegashima in Japan on 14th September 2007.

CHANG'E 1 -- was launched from Xichang in China on 24th October 2007.

CHANDRAYAAN-I -- was launched from Sriharikota in India on 22nd October 2008.
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Well done ISRO


Gowtham said...

Hope they go all the way :D

the donG said...

what a thrilling moment! congratulations!

Joel Ronald Ebenezer said...

I was waiting on the terrace of my house to see the take-off but unfortunately due to heavy rain i wasn't able to see :-(

Hats off to the Indian Scientists at ISRO. Till the Chandrayaan reaches the moon every day will be thrilling. Hope it will be All Success.

Priya Joyce said...

happy Diwali...hav a happy and safe diwali..

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