Friday, December 18, 2009

Where Diamonds are mined?-Chapter 1

We all know that how special is diamond for us at any condition. We love to buy diamonds because of its specialties like glittery, shine, glossy appearance. The four things the make the diamond very special are cut, clarity, cost and color. These are also called as 4C's. The quality of diamond is identified by some certifications to ensure that we are buying a quality and an original one. Even though these all things matters in the quality of the diamond, the main thing that recognizes the quality of diamond is the place from which the diamond is mined. The diamonds are mined from various places like Angola(Catoca diamond mine, Fucauma diamond mine), Botswana( Damtshaa diamond mine, Jwaneng diamond mine), South Africa(Baken diamond mine, Cullinan diamond mine, Finsch diamond mine, Kimberley diamond mine), India(Golkonda, Kollur Mine) etc,.
To be continued...


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