Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Driver Reimbursement

Are you looking for the best way to keep track of driver reimbursement for your increasingly mobile fleet of avid employees, your salesmen and technical people, your cleaning company or truckers? You won’t go wrong with Corporate Reimbursement Services Inc., a group of experts who can and will provide your mobile employees with personalized reimbursement schedules that assure the drivers that they are receiving reimbursement for the real and actual true cost of driving their personal vehicles on the job. CRS is a management consulting business firm that administrates extremely flexible and customizable Fleet Program for companies with mobile employees. The attractive part of this Fleet Program is that they manage the entire program beginning with initial transition and program training. They ensure on-going driver compliance and update driver reimbursement schedules. They also facilitate us with employee mobility consulting services that enable us to choose the appropriate vehicle reimbursement program on a long term basis. They also recommend us to run an annual motor vehicle record check for every driver a company employs. Drivers have significantly different prices since owning up and controlling their personalized vehicle for business use conditional wherever they live you bet a lot of business miles they drive. Each driver is provided with a personalized Driver Reimbursement Schedule which lists each component used to calculate the individual reimbursement rate. Thus there is much to say about CRS Company. So please visit to know more about this company.
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