Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dirty Diamonds-Chapter 1

Many of us are having the idea that if diamonds means, then we think that they will look very glossy and shiny, its clarity, its price and so on. It's not a wrong thing because diamonds are he one which is liked by many people for all of those reasons. At the same time we are also having diamonds in the market which is not having the above specified aspects. They are none other than dirty diamonds. A dirty diamond is one of two things: a rough diamond, or a diamond that hasn't been cleaned in a while. Rough diamonds are uncut and unpolished – hence, they are dirty. But that type of dirty diamond will soon be cut and polished and sitting in a beautiful jewel box in a display case. Then someone will purchase it, and before long, it will become a dirty diamond once again. Now we will see some interesting information about dirty diamonds like, how it becomes dirty? Why we are calling it as dirty diamonds?
To be continued...


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