Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Win on twitter

It could be quite difficult sometimes for the people to understand twitter as they had never used any service like twitter, as far as all the discussion I had till now people tend to get confused by the public time line and they don’t get what is follow and following. Twitter is a friendly based blogging service intended for people to see how many followers they can get. Some people like it, some people hate it. Some may also give you some gifts to join as a follower… Do you think this is unreal? I have proof for this. Ben Behrouzi is the one who needs you to tweet for your chance to win a Flip Mino HD. You can learn more information from his blog called BenBehrouzi.com. You don’t have to do anything special for your chance to win. Just a simple tweet to Behrouzi will do the trick and let him know that you gave a tweet for the chance to win a Flip Mino video recorder. I think he will be getting a lot of tweets using this trick. Thus you can Win A MacBook Air on Twitter and also a flip Mino video recorder, by just following him.


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