Friday, May 15, 2009

Bowl that sings

The singing bowl has been used for centuries in many countries as part of prayer and ritual. The Using of one of these bowls before the ritual can bring focus and attention to the mind. This practice can help a person to be present without distraction. It is also said to drive away evil spirits from the area the ritual is being performed. Thus a singing bowl is very much helpful for those who are worshiping daily. A singing bowl is also used as a part of music therapy, as sound has a direct connection to the heart and mind. The sound of singing bowl can be soothing, calming and healing. The vibration of the bell is said to: purify negative energy, be spiritually cleansing, return harmony and balance and increase the positive energy. Thus it is widely used by monks living in cities and also by people who love worshiping god all time. We can also perform yoga using this singing bowl, thus it helps us to concentrate at a single area… But where we can able to buy this singing bowls. is a site which sells some quality Crystal Singing Bowls at best rates through online. So try your first singing bowl at


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