Monday, May 11, 2009

Disturbing calls

Do you get phone calls from telemarketers, collectors, charities and other annoying calls? We all do. They interrupt our busy days, at dinner time, and can even be dangerous if we’re driving. What’s worse, now that we all carry cellular phones, these calls are using up our minutes and costing us money! But the real dangers are those calls from phone criminals who try to steal our identity by asking for personal information, steal our credit card numbers, or even track us down where we live. How do they get our unlisted phone number or cell phone number? The truth is, they use automated dialing computers that simply dial every number combination and log every phone number that is not disconnected. Ever get a call from an unknown number and when you answer no one is there? It’s very likely someone who just dialed a wrong number, but it could be one of those dialing computers. Even if you don’t answer the phone, your phone will usually go to voice mail and you phone number still gets logged as “live”. Then they give (or sell) these “live” numbers to telemarketers or criminals. So we all should be very careful about these annoying calls. We can able to trace the phone number of the person, who is calling from the other end through Caller Wiki website. They allow the phone users to complaint about the annoying calls at Caller Complaints, and they also help us to report our problems through Report Callers. Thus I assure you that caller wiki can help you in finding those who are making annoying calls to you. So make use of it.


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