Sunday, February 28, 2010

Water Fuel car - Part 1

More and more people are doing their part in creating and keeping the environment green. Because cars contribute to pollution, the invention of the water fuel car couldn't have come at a better time. Stanley Meyer pioneered the first car run by water, and held the patent until his death in 1998. Mocked and ridiculed for stating a car can be operated with water, the misunderstanding came from the uninformed not realizing that the water fuel cell electrically separates the water into hydrogen and oxygen thereby creating a viable fuel. In regard to the environment and leaving something for those who come later from generation to generation, there is a great responsibility to keep this earth safe from toxins and pollution. Gasoline prices are rising daily, jobs are becoming scarce, and even when one does find work, getting there can be quite expensive. With the water fuel car, energy is derived from the water itself without any other energy source. Car manufacturers and fuel companies have a lot at stake and would like to prevent such cars from becoming the norm, but with a water fuel cell kit, one can build their very own water car and the government cannot interfere.
To be continued...


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