Sunday, November 8, 2009

Living with Snakes in Pune!!! - Part 1

On Nov. 8th, 2009 about 12 30 PM, we all were busy in preparing lunch for us. Suddenly I saw a snake near to the basketball court where we usually play cricket match, lol... We finished playing cricket by morning 10 AM and came to room. But this Snake came by around 12:30. Thank god... It is the place where I usually have my night time phone talking. After I saw the snake I ran to next house and called the guy who usually catches the Snakes. Their business is killing insects in all the flats, catching snakes etc,. That guy is so friendly to us because he usually come to our room to watch cricket match, movies etc,. He came with some tools, then...... Just check out these cool photos to know more about it,


Joel Ronald Ebenezer said...

Hi Siva,How are you?
Then, what did you do with the Snake finally?

ajay said...

i m also a snake friend i want to join your group can you mail me your contact no on""

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