Friday, October 9, 2009

** Nasa spacecraft will slam on moon

An another major event in space history and also in the history of NASA, is going to occur by Oct 9th, 2009. A lunar event scheduled for 5pm (IST) on 9th October could be straight out a SC-FI thriller. Zooming at a velocity of nearly 8,000 kph, a 2,305kg NASA spacecraft known as Centaur will slam onto the south pole of the Moon with such force that it will throw up 350 tonnes of lunar soil and debris and create a 13-feet-deep crate. The crater, 6.6 meters in diameter, will be one-third the size of a football field. Yet to know about the full idea behind this mission. I just want all the bloggers to share whether these kind of missions will affect the earth at any point? Just share your thoughts about this...


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