Thursday, October 8, 2009

** My first visit to Chennai after 6 months

Hi friends and my fellow bloggers, after a small gap I am coming to Chennai by this October 10th from Pune. So many works are in pending for me, I have short period of time to finish everything there in Chennai. I want to apply for DIN, government registration process for my works, TAX payments, treatment and many more. I am really happy to visit chennai after this much gap. So I am shifting from 25 degrees celsius to 38 degrees celsius :). Am I right? For the past one month it is always raining here in Pune, especially in night times. By the way I will post some of my Pune flat photos in next post. Anyway I hope that this will be a good visit for me to Chennai. But I am really going to miss one special person in Pune for sometime :(. Take care...


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