Saturday, September 12, 2009

** Share Bull - Is it good to ride on it?

For the past one year I am in share market and I earned around double the money that I have invested in shares. By just learning about the share market in internet and sharing things with friends, watching business news channels etc,. I came to know more about the share market. Till now my riding with share bull is good and even during the bad times my bull is riding fine without damaging my financial stability. As I am earning money through blogs, my online company, real time work etc,. I just want a better way to invest those money for my company purpose. even though many investments are there at present, but nothing is giving this much amount of income to me compared to share trading. Many people have jut tried to stop me from doing shares, but I managed to overcome all those situations, finally now I am in a stable position to do anything boldly in share market. Sometimes this may turn into a upside down situation for us, so we have to be more careful. Till now I am one of the average investors in shares and doing long time trading. After sometime I planned to do short time trading too for more income :). I just wanna ask my fellow bloggers what you people think about Share Market? Is it good for investments? Is it good to ride on the Share bull? What you say?


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