Friday, July 10, 2009

** About Diamond Weights-Chapter 3

Continuation of Chapter 2
The word Carat comes from the word carob. A carob is a bean that grows on a tree in the Mediterranean. In times past, if a diamond weighed the same as a carob bean, it was one carob, or one carat. The weight of a diamond is measured in Carats. 1 Carat equals 0.2 gram and there are 100 points to a carat. One carat equals 1/142nd of an ounce, or 1/5th of a gram. In other words... there are 142 carats in 1 ounce and 5 carats in 1 gram. Thus a 50 point diamond is half a carat (0.50ct) and weights 0.1 gram. A Grain, no longer used, is accepted to be 0.050 grams. But many dealers still use the terms a grainer meaning 0.25ct, two grainer - half carat, six grainer- 1.5 carats etc. Since some people are following these kinds of methods in weighing a diamond, so there may be loss or gain to us.
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