Monday, June 22, 2009

** How to guide your referrals in MLM?-Chapter 2

Continuation of Chapter 1
Therefore, if you want to earn more money and to expand your MLM business, then you should know the ways of guiding your referrals. The main reason is your earnings depends lots on them. So in this article we will some useful ways of handling our referrals,

* Teach your referrals each and every kind of ways to expand their MLM network.
* Be patience and guide them under crucial circumstances to help them make some money from MLM business.
* Provide them with presentations like videos, audios, PowerPoint and so on. So then that will help your referrals to get some useful knowledge about MLM business.
* Before adding anyone into the MLM business under your link, try to make them to understand every single point about MLM. Your referrals should have definite amount of knowledge in it.
* Try to keep friendly relationship with them. This will help you to share and clear anything about MLM business and doubts.
* Make sure that your referrals can contact you easily without any hassle.
To be continued...


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